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Franchisee Advantages from a National Leader

Our comprehensive, ongoing maid franchise support program is a key benefit of Merry Maids franchise ownership. It is a quality of service that only a home cleaning business leader with more than 25 years of experience can provide.

Home Office Support

In addition to a network of Regional Coordinators strategically located across the country, Merry Maids franchise owners benefit from the experience and expertise of the Home Office personnel, who are available by phone, e-mail and office visits. This support is enhanced through the Merry Maids mentoring program - through which established Merry Maids franchise owners in neighboring territories are selected to monitor and counsel new franchisees.

Protected Territories

Our Protected Territory system ensures cooperation among all Merry Maids franchise owners. There are three categories of exclusive, protected Merry Maids franchise territories. The number of potential customers in a territory determines its size. A detailed market study is completed on a proposed new territory and the results are shared with you. Merry Maids franchises are priced according to the number of qualified households available to the franchise owner.

Marketing and Advertising Programs

Merry Maids enjoys the highest brand name awareness in the home cleaning business; marketing, advertising and public relations programs are designed to produce the maximum return. Initial efforts focus on neighborhood promotional activities. As the customer base expands, broader support programs are implemented to further enhance awareness and sales. These programs have been tested to provide our franchise owners with cost-effective advice and direction.

  • A strategically placed national advertising program targets the best potential home cleaning customers. Each campaign generates thousands of calls weekly to Merry Maids franchise owners across the country.
  • We make it easier than ever for your customers to find the Merry Maids franchise closest to home. You can customize a branded template page of the website to your specifications and host it on the Merry Maids server. These sites are fully optimized for local search engine technology.
  • You also benefit from our national public relations activities and tie-in incentive programs. These generate increased brand awareness and home cleaning business for our franchise owners.

Ongoing Support

No one in the home cleaning business offers the variety and scope of ongoing assistance and support you receive from Merry Maids. As a Merry Maids franchise owner, you have the opportunity to learn and share through these company-sponsored venues:

  • Intranet website
  • Semi-annual regional meetings
  • Invitational conferences
  • Specialized field seminars
  • Advanced Performance training seminars
  • Annual national convention
  • Newsletters

Merry Maids Intranet

The willingness of Merry Maids franchise owners to share their experiences contributes to the value of all programs. This is facilitated by a proprietary intranet where franchise owners can interact with the Home Office directly and with other franchise owners around the country. The intranet also includes a weekly newsmagazine with tips to help you better run your business and stories to keep you in-the-know about deadlines and upcoming events.

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