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Erica Flaten

Office Location - Rochester, MN

Erica Flaten Team Member of the Year

Erica Flaten, who received the 2013 Team Member of the Year Award at October’s Seminar, is a solo cleaner in Rochester, Minn. Erica won the award, according to Dale Dodds, branch manager, because she SPARKLEs! 

Simple - Erica says her job is to make her customers happy and clean their homes the way they want them cleaned.

Professional - Erica is determined to be the best at what she does. She knows the Merry Maids job is to take care of our clients and operate in a professional manner.

Anticipate - Erica often finds things in our customers' homes even they don't notice and takes care of them before they ever become a concern. She also keeps up with our office staff and her peers to make sure we can take care of all of our customers.

Responsible - Erica takes personal responsibility for everything she does with Merry Maids and for those she has trained. If one of her trainees has a complaint or cancellation, she wants to be the first person to speak with them about it.

Kind - Erica is always willing to help those around her. Whether it's a well-timed joke, a hand carrying equipment, or covering for a teammate's daycare on a Saturday, she is there to help. She treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Likeable - The common thread from her co-workers and clients is that Erica has a great attitude. People enjoy being around her.

Expert - Erica takes her job seriously. She always tries to find a better way: Can I get this cleaner? Is there an easier way to do this? How can I teach this person to be more efficient? She is always asking these questions, but more important, she is constantly sharing the answers. Erica understands what we are doing as a company and how everyone's efforts help us reach our goals. She is loved by her clients and teammates alike.

Erica teaches new team mates the right way to clean a home and how to interact with the client. She realizes that the relationship we build with our clients is just as important as the cleaning we provide them. She joined Merry Maids two years ago.

Want to learn how Erica won the award?  Be sure to click here to watch a video to view a day in the life of our Team Member of the Year!

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