Spruce Up Your Kitchen's Look With These Wood Cabinet Cleaning Tips

clean wood cabinetsThe patterns and textures of wood kitchen cabinets can add a warm and homey touch to the kitchen, which is why wood is an—ahem—poplar choice in many homes and apartments. However, to keep your wood kitchen cabinets lustrous for years to come, you’ve got to treat them right.

It’s no secret that kitchens can be messy places in which the temperature extremes fluctuate. This combination of heat and cooking debris can really speed up the aging process of your wood kitchen cabinets. By taking the time to clean your wood kitchen cabinets properly, you could very well prolong their lifespan.

Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets Regularly

You don’t need a special wood cleaner to touch up these cupboards on a daily basis. In fact, you should avoid using wood cleaner too often, as it can cause a waxy build-up on the doors. The best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets regularly is with hot water. That’s right. Just plain, simple hot water.

For daily clean up, simply dip a microfiber cloth in hot water and spot clean your cabinets. There’s no need to get intense here. Just tackle areas where any foods, oils or sauces have splattered.

You should also wipe down the doors near the handles, as this is where you’re most likely to deposit natural oils from your fingers or residue from lotions and hand creams when you reach in for a bowl or glass.

Deep Wood Cleaning

Wood kitchen cabinets may require regular oiling to maintain their sheen. You’ll want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for instructions on how often to oil your cabinets, as well as what kind of oil to use.

If you wipe spills and cooking residue off your wood kitchen cabinets on a daily basis, you probably only need to roll up your sleeves and do a full clean once or twice a year. When that time comes, you still don’t need special wood cleaner. In fact, the best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets is with dish soap and water or with a commercial all-purpose cleaner.

If you’re working with an all-purpose cleaner, check the bottle to be sure the product is safe to use on wood. Apply your wood-safe product as instructed and wipe it away with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching.

Those who go the DIY route and use dish soap and water will also need a microfiber cloth. Start by filling your bucket or sink with the warm, soapy water. Then, dip your cloth in and wring it out before wiping the cabinet doors. It’s important to rinse your cloth out regularly with clean water as you go so that you’re not smearing any grit or grime around. Afterwards, you can wipe your wood kitchen cabinets dry with a fresh microfiber cloth. This will also help get rid of streaks.

A third method of cleaning wood kitchen cabinets is with a handheld steamer that has a microfiber cover. Steam works wonders for removing grease, and you don’t have to use any cleaning products at all. Wondering when you should break out the wood cleaner? Well, as we’ve mentioned, you don’t want to use it on a regular basis. When you notice that your cabinets have lost their gloss or look a bit dull, you can bring back their shine with wood cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Now that you know the best way to clean your wood kitchen cabinets, you may be interested in organizing the items within. We’ve got the organization tips you need to maximize your cabinet space and keep your kitchen orderly.