Room-by-Room Cleaning Guide

Tackle your spring cleaning in full detail with this room-by-room cleaning guide. Download Merry Maids Room-by-Room Cleaning Guide today.

room-by-room cleaning guide

All Rooms and Common Areas

Purge, Organize and Dust:

Rearrange Furniture:

Wash Window Treatments:

  • Steam clean curtains
  • Use a dryer sheet on mini blinds
  • Wash shades with warm water and microfiber cloths

Tip: ALWAYS use a microfiber cloth


Achieve “Like New” Status:

  • Give your kitchen cabinets and appliances TLC
  • Clean grimy stovetops, ovens and microwaves with baking soda, warm water and microfiber cloths

Make it “Eat-Off-The-Floor” Clean:

  • Move everything that touches the floor and vacuum to remove dust and debris
  • Use baking soda and warm water to make a paste for tough stains, scrubbing with a microfiber cloth

Tip: Mix one half cup vinegar with a gallon of warm water and cleanthe floors


Give Them a Five-Star Hotel Room Clean:

  • Use a duster or microfiber cloth for the headboard and bedframe
  • Vacuum every inch of the mattress
  • Reassemble a fresh, clean bed

Tip: Vacuum the mattress top, bottom and sides

Dust the Décor:

  • Run a microfiber cloth over and underneath every surface and décor item


Deep Clean the Ins and Outs:

  • Clean out and wash vanity drawers or cabinets

Refresh the Light Fixtures:

  • Bring fixtures back to their “out-of-the-box” condition by removing dust and polish from fixtures with a microfiber cloth

Tip: Use lemons to clean bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, and shower doors and curtains

You now have a clean home! Need help? Contact Merry Maids for a free estimate.

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