Window Washing

While you might have a routine for everyday cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the counters and sweeping the floors, other detail-cleaning tasks might be more challenging to accomplish. After all, your busy life doesn't always leave time for thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom every day -- or even every week. Window washing might be one of those tasks that you have trouble getting to regularly. You might see those smudges on the windows, but time slips away, and another day passes with dirty windows throughout your house.

While the windows throughout your home accent your space and allow sunlight to stream in, they can also attract dirt and grime, which can mar the overall appearance of your home. Perhaps you have young children who are prone to putting their hands on low-lying windows, dogs who like to sit at the window and bark, or both. Kids and pets can add further dirt and grime to your windows, which can make them even harder to clean.

Those smudges and marks on your windows don't stop there, though. A variety of other factors play a role into why your windows might get so dirty. For example, the grease and steam created in the kitchen when you're cooking can accumulate on the windows, clouding your view of the outdoors. Dirt and dust from around the house might also end up on your windows, adding to your already cloudy view. Finally, you might not be using the right cleaner for your windows. So, if you do have time to clean them and remain unimpressed by their appearance, you might not have the right tools on hand to thoroughly clean your windows. Since so many factors contribute to your dirty windows, establishing a regular cleaning schedule for your windows puts you one step closer to living in a clean home.

Merry Maids is here to help. These window washing and cleaning services leave the detail cleaning to us. We'll carefully wash inside windows in your home, top to bottom. You might have trouble reaching some inside windows in your home, or you don't want to pull out a ladder to clean the windows. We'll take care of those hard-to-reach spots for you. We have the equipment on hand to reach inside windows in your home. Contact your local Merry Maids office to determine if window cleaning services are offered.

Plus, we'll bring all of the tools we need to effectively wash your windows, including microfiber cloths. As a result, we'll be able to thoroughly eliminate the dirt, dust, and grime that has accumulated on your windows. After this special house cleaning service, you'll be delighted to discover that window in your home is sparkling clean, giving you a view of the outside.

Merry Maids understands that your life is busy and that detail-cleaning tasks can be challenging to fit into your schedule. Let us pick up those hard-to-complete tasks such as window washing. Contact your local Merry Maids today to schedule your window washing, and enjoy that extra time in your schedule and have a little fun.

**Window Cleaning available at participating locations.**

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