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Post Renovation Checklist

Your latest home renovation may have left you thrilled with your new bathroom or kitchen countertops

But don’t let a little cleanup dampen your enthusiasm for the new updates you’ve made to your home. Use this post-construction cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing when tidying up after renovations.

1. Vacuum All Upholstery

Consider the fine dust that permeates the air during a renovation project. It has a knack for making its way onto your furniture. Take the time to vacuum all upholstered pieces with the appropriate attachment. If you need more than a vacuum to clean your fabric loveseat or chair, check out these instructions:

2. Wipe Down the Highs, Lows and Everywhere In Between

The residue from your home improvements knows no bounds. Unfortunately, that means you’re going to need to wipe down every surface in close proximity to the area in which the work took place. Here are some good starting points, as well as pointers on how do a more thorough cleaning if need be.

Dust Grates and Vents

Grates and vents are often overlooked in post-construction cleaning. But they’re prime targets for renovation messes, so make sure you give them some TLC. If possible, you may want to remove the grate or vent and vacuum the inside to remove any dust that’s collected. In addition, the completion of a home update is an excellent excuse to change out your air filter or clean your window air conditioning unit

Clean Inside Cabinets and Closets

Construction and demolition dust can work its way into some surprising areas. This includes closets and cabinets.

Post-construction cleaning for closets can be relatively simple. Just wipe down any items that were on the floor with a microfiber cloth and vacuum the bottom of the closet. You may also want to shake out or clean any clothing items that were stored inside.

Cabinets require a little more effort. You’ll want to remove everything within and wipe down the inside of the cabinet itself first. Then you can begin cleaning and returning each item to its place.

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Save this step for last, as any dust or debris you kick up during your other end-of-renovation cleaning efforts will wind up on the floor eventually. A push broom may come in handy here. You can sweep away large chunks of building materials like screws or bits of sawdust. This ensures the floor is clear before running your vacuum.

The steps you take to wash your floors after vacuuming will depend on what materials they’re made from. The following may be helpful during your after-construction cleaning:

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