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30 Years of Residential Cleaning Experience

30 years ago, a young father and husband set out to start his own small business.  But what to start? He loved food, but a restaurant was of no interest.  He loved cars, but working on them was a different story.  He loved home renovations, but a contracting business wasn’t in the cards. 

The idea for his business came to him one night as he helped his wife clean up after a long day with their four young children.  Exhausted, and feeling like the chores never ended, he realized his wife needed help.  It dawned on him that his wife wasn’t the only one feeling this way.  He knew there were many moms in his community who could use a little extra help with cleaning so they could spend time doing the things that really mattered to them.  With that, your local Merry Maids cleaning company was born.

It’s been 30 years since opening Merry Maids in Schaumburg.  We’ve had the joy of celebrating a flourishing business, but also struggled with starting a business from nothing, a building fire, and a recession.  Through the celebrations and set-backs, one piece has always remained constant—to provide our customers with the best possible cleaning service.  It is our commitment to making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their cleaning that has allowed us to remain in business after all this time.

Maintaining our trusted name is important to us which is why we value your feedback.  We will always listen to your needs and do our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every service.  We are proud to serve you with a cleaning team you can trust.


Our Team of Cleaning Professionals

We know your home is your sanctuary which is why we won’t let just anyone in it.  Before our team of professional cleaners ever step foot in your house, you can feel at ease knowing they have been carefully screened, insured, and trained.  Regardless of experience, all new maids are required to complete an extensive two to three week training program.  Only after successfully completing this program are they certified to clean your home.  

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