Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave products eliminate odors naturally and safely, using a proprietary formulation of all natural active ingredients, plant oils and extracts. Fresh Wave products encapsulate and destroy odor molecules without masking fragrances or perfumes. The science behind Fresh Wave, formulated by parent company OMI Industries in 1989, has been put to use on some of the world's worst odors, including wastewater treatment plants and asphalt production facilities. Natural, non-toxic and fragrance-free, Fresh Wave products are safe for use in any room of your home.

Murphy Oil Soap

We know that life can be messy, so Merry Maids has partnered with Murphy Oil Soap to make clean-ups a little easier. Please consider adding Murphy Oil Soap to your arsenal of housecleaning weapons for quick cleaning.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

As a strategic partner, Merry Maids supports the efforts of ABC and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to "forever change the lives of deserving families one home at a time." When called upon, Merry Maids team members and families volunteer to step up and clean up after Ty Pennington and the gang, who really do make dreams come true.