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5 Top Reasons to Invest in a Cleaning Franchise

Author: Merry Maids

The lure of a trendy business opportunity can be magnetic. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge, bringing something fresh and innovative to market. But untested concepts come with a certain degree of risk.

For some, that risk is worth the possible rewards. If you’re like most budding entrepreneurs, however, having a bit more assurance about your target market, your services, and your potential is really where it’s at. 

With virtually thousands of franchise concepts to choose from, the road to ownership can be dizzying. While a cleaning business franchise may not initially capture your attention, there are plenty of solid reasons to consider owning one. Here are just five that may help you decide:

#1: It’s essential.

From rolling country estates to city condos, owners and renters have one thing in common –– the ongoing need to keep their homes clean and organized. From large families to senior couples to single parents, everyone struggles with house cleaning chores from time to time (or every time).

According to the American Cleaning Institute, Americans are spending about six hours a week cleaning the house. For many, the trade-off has become too high and they’re choosing to outsource those chores instead.

Even Millennials, aged 23 to 38, now place so much value on their time that they’re willing to budget for housekeeping services to keep it off the to-do list for good.

Families grow and shrink, people move around, but the need for house cleaning never ceases. No matter the season, weather, or size of the residence, demand for maid services continues to remain steady.

#2: It’s relatively cheap to start.

Compared to fast food restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores, a cleaning franchise is relatively affordable for most aspiring business owners.

Getting started at Merry Maids requires total liquid capital of around $40,000-50,000.

A TGI Fridays or a 7-11, on the other hand, costs around $1 million to get off the ground. With up to 80% financing available for well-qualified candidates, one major barrier to entry is eliminated, making ownership possible for many.

A cleaning franchise also requires a fairly straightforward inventory. There’s no need to stock thousands of products, keep up with trends, or contend with spoiling food. Instead, you can focus on employee engagement, client satisfaction, and growth.

#3: It delivers recurring revenue.

When was the last time you went out for frozen yogurt? Rented a car? Bought a house? While there are plenty of franchises we patronize during times of leisure or major life events, few franchise concepts meet weekly or even monthly needs.

Like filling the gas tank or shopping for groceries, there’s just no getting around house cleaning chores. That’s where recurring revenue can really benefit your bottom line. No matter how thorough a job your cleaning crew does, dust returns, dishes get dirty, and clutter sneaks back in –– which is great for business.

Unlike seasonal or trendy ventures, a cleaning business franchise can grow steadily as you develop a loyal customer base. Once people experience the stress relief of a clean home –– with zero hassle –– it’s a necessity that can be difficult to give up.

#4: It’s largely hands-off.

The most successful franchisees work on their businesses, not in them. The same is true with a cleaning franchise like Merry Maids. You may never need to touch a vacuum (except to test our state-of-the-art equipment). Instead, you’ll manage teams of two house cleaners who will be fully trained to tackle everything from cleaning appliances to washing windows to carefully unpacking moving boxes.

A cleaning franchise is also an opportunity to set your own hours. Aside from morning meet-ups with your team (if you so choose), you’ll be free to structure your day as you see fit. Some franchisees choose Merry Maids so they can be home in the afternoon with their kids, reclaim their weekends, or put an end to all that corporate travel.

As long as your responsibilities as a franchise owner are met, how and when you do them will be up to you.

#5: It’s technology-resistant.

Robot vacuums aside, house cleaning will always run on elbow grease. That means your investment will be safe from ever-changing apps and algorithms. Like haircuts and childcare, certain businesses require a human touch.

That said, virtually all of your responsibilities as a franchise owner will be supported by leading-edge technology. From a corporate website that can sell and schedule your services around the clock to customized software that can handle everything from payroll to inventory, you’ll have every aspect of ownership at your fingertips.

Even as technology takes over so many aspects of our lives, a cleaning franchise remains securely in the tech-resistant realm. These days, that’s a very good place to be.

Learn more about our history, business model, and notable awards. If you’re ready to explore ownership in a $25 billion* industry that’s growing year after year, let’s talk!

*IBISWorld Report #81411 (May 2018), #OD5585 (December 2017), and #56172 (May 2018)

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