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Can a Franchise Opportunity be Unique?

Author: Merry Maids

The term “unique franchise” may seem like an oxymoron. But there’s a reason why Coke and Pepsi drinkers are divided, crossfit lovers differ from bootcamp enthusiasts, and Domino’s and Papa John’s patrons have different ideas about what constitutes pizza perfection.

Most people have strong preferences –– about food, fitness, fashion, cars, and yes, home services.

Residential house cleaning, in particular, means trusting someone you may never meet to come into your home and care for your most valuable possessions. So it’s critical that your brand conveys its unique value among the competition.

With 40 years of experience, Merry Maids® has successfully distinguished itself from other brands, rising to become America’s “#1 Residential Cleaning Company,” according to Entrepreneur magazine,

The reason is clear: Merry Maids puts people first and stands behind its work. Repeat customers who appreciate the way we do business choose us (again and again) over other businesses.

A stand-out in our category, here are just a few of the core strengths that make Merry Maids a unique franchise:

  • Unrivaled quality: Our loyal customers aren’t looking for bargain basement prices or one-time discounts. They’re looking for dependable, highly trained professionals who will treat their home like their own. From our products to our seamless scheduling, clients and franchisees expect excellence, and that’s what Merry Maids aims to deliver.
  • Engaged owners: If problems arise, franchisees respond, and customers have come to expect this. All independent owners learn how to handle issues quickly and effectively, ensuring that Merry Maids always stands for integrity, no matter the location.
  • Brand power: The ServiceMaster family of brands brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. From leading technology to world-class training, we stand far apart from mom-and-pop shops and even other major franchised cleaning companies.

This coast-to-coast consistency allows Merry Maids to operate more than 450 thriving locations and counting. Being a stellar brand in the industry, with consistent quality in every location, is the combination that helps franchisees secure this outstanding reputation.

Can Your Franchise be Unique?

If consistency is the key to franchising success, can your own franchise be unique? It can –– and it should!

As a franchise owner, you’ll need to understand and cater to your local market, your region of the country, and your loyal customer base. Residents of Miami Beach, for instance, will have different cleaning challenges than those who live in Minneapolis. From sand-covered paws to snow-covered boots, you should be ready to help solve the real-world needs of your customers.

Thanks to exclusive territories, Merry Maids franchisees in neighboring regions commonly reach out to one another for tips and advice on handling specific cleaning needs. As you get established and grow your franchise, you’ll always have a group of colleagues to turn to who are invested in Merry Maids.

Here are strategies for making your Merry Maids franchise unique:

  • Play to your strengths: Even after training, you may find that you excel in certain areas (like customer service) and struggle with others (sales, perhaps). If it makes financial sense, you might decide to tackle what you’re good at and outsource other responsibilities.
  • Build your online presence: Your first impression is often digital, so it’s important to make it count. Personalizing your social media pages is a nice way to communicate with customers, offer tips of the trade, or simply let your neighbors know more about you and what your business has to offer.
  • Know your customers: When planning special events or creating customer incentives, make it personal. Does your city care deeply about sustainability? Or are they major sports fanatics? Try personalizing your message so it speaks directly to your target demographic.
  • Get involved: The events, activities, and causes in your community will be unique to your area. Shaking hands and making connections can give your business a wonderful, year-round boost. Plus, it beats sitting behind a desk every day of the week.

Franchise opportunities are plentiful –– and many are quite unique from one another. A top-notch franchise will provide a solid foundation for your business in the form of training, software, ongoing support, and more.

But what separates any single franchise from the competition will always be the owner behind it. What will make your franchise unique –– and, ideally, a local favorite –– is you. And this can make all the difference to your longevity.

If you’re ready to learn more about Merry Maids, and how you can grow a franchise of our own, reach out today.

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