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Bed And Mattress Cleaning

You may change your sheets weekly, but how often do you clean your bed and mattress? If you’re like many people, you may never clean these pieces of furniture. But you should at least two to four times a year.

It may sound like a daunting task, but it’s really not that difficult. Take a look at the following bed and mattress cleaning basics.

Mattress Cleaning

Before we dive into cleaning instructions and the services Merry Maids offers, let’s talk about why your mattress needs to be cleaned at all. Think about what you find each time you change your sheets. There’s probably a bunch of grit and crumbs on your mattress pad. Additionally, people and pets are constantly shedding skin cells, hair, whiskers and dander.

All of that unpleasantness can make its way down to the mattress itself. That’s probably not the kind of stuff you want to be dreaming on top of. And do you ever snack in bed? Then there’s really no telling what’s going on with that mattress, which is why it’s important to clean it.

How to Clean the Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is actually a fairly simple matter. Naturally, you’ll want to strip the bed and wash your sheets and mattress pad. That way you won’t be putting dirty linens on top of your clean mattress.

Next you have two options for cleaning the mattress itself.

Mattress Cleaning Option #1
The first is vacuuming using an attachment. Run the vacuum attachment across the top of your mattress, making sure to get down into cracks and crevices. You’ll also want to vacuum along the sides of your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Option #2
The second option is steam cleaning. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can purchase or rent one. A steam cleaner may provide a more effective cleaning because it uses water vapor to clean your mattress. Before you wash your entire mattress with this cleaner, however, you’ll want to do a spot test.

The last step to consider is flipping the mattress. You want to do this about twice a year, unless your mattress is brand new. In that case, you’ll need to rotate it more often for the first six months. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for recommendations to make sure you rotate your mattress properly.

How to Clean the Bed

Just like the mattress, the bedframe isn’t really that difficult to clean. Unless your bed’s manufacturer calls out a specific cleaner, all you’ll need is a microfiber cloth and some warm water.

Dampen your microfiber cloth with the warm water and wipe down all the surfaces of your bed. If your bedframe has ornate carvings or other details, you can use your fingertips to work the microfiber cloth into those crevices. Rinse your cloth a few times as you go, so you can be certain that you’re cleaning your bed and not just redistributing the dirt that has accumulated on the cloth.

How to Clean for Bed Bugs

If you’re interested in having your mattress and bed cleaned by a professional housekeeper, Merry Maids can take care of that for you. We’re happy to vacuum your mattress and clean your bedframe. Your local Merry Maids offices may offer mattress flipping, but you’ll want to call ahead to ensure that this service is available in your area.