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How To Clean Iron Soleplate

When’s the last time you cleaned your iron plate? Or maybe a better question is, have you ever thought about cleaning an iron soleplate? Most people probably haven’t, but when you consider the amount of starch you use or what debris might be getting burnt into your clothes — and onto your iron — as you press the wrinkles out of a dirty shirt, you can see why it’s a good idea to keep the faceplate pristine. Additionally, a clean iron plate helps the tool function properly.

Fortunately, cleaning an iron faceplate isn’t that difficult. Learn how to clean an iron soleplate to make sure your appliance is working as it should, so that your clothes are wrinkle free and not matted with starch and scorched clothing fibers.

Knowing When It’s Time to Clean Your Iron

The frequency with which you clean the iron plate will depend on how often you use the appliance. For example, if you press school uniforms or work shirts on a daily basis, you’ll need to clean the iron more regularly than someone who relies heavily on the dry cleaner. So, when is it time to clean the iron plate? Well, a good rule of thumb is to give the faceplate a washing if it no longer glides smoothly over your garments. That means a lot of gunk has accumulated and is causing your iron to drag.

How to Clean an Iron With Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is well known for its amazing ability to deodorize your home. It also works wonders as a natural scouring agent that can help erase grime from the soleplate of your iron.

You’ll need:
  1. In the bowl, make a paste by combining two parts baking soda with one part distilled water. (You don’t want to use tap water as it can leave additional mineral deposits behind.)
  2. Make sure the iron is unplugged and absolutely cool.
  3. Spread the paste over the iron’s soleplate.
  4. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the paste away, making sure you remove all of it.
  5. Dip a cotton swab into distilled water.
  6. Use this to clean the steam holes on the iron’s soleplate.
  7. Let the iron dry completely before plugging it in and using it again.

Cleaning an Iron Soleplate With Vinegar

Aside from stone and some home appliances with delicate inner workings, vinegar can be used to clean almost anything. That goes for the faceplate of your iron, too!

You’ll need:
  • ½ cup distilled white vinegar
  • A microwave-safe bowl
  • A spray bottle
  • A microfiber cloth
  1. Pour the vinegar into the bowl. Heat this in the microwave for about one minute.
  2. Carefully pour the vinegar into the spray bottle.
  3. Spritz the microfiber cloth with the hot vinegar until it’s dampened, but not saturated.
  4. Wipe the soleplate of the iron with the cloth.
  5. Repeat until the soleplate is free of grime.

Tips for Iron Maintenance

The following tips can help keep your iron’s faceplate clean, so that you don’t have to worry about scrubbing it as often.
  • When possible, use distilled water in the steam compartment to prevent mineral deposits.
  • Empty the water reservoir after every use.
  • After each use, let the iron cool completely and wipe down the soleplate with a dampened microfiber cloth to remove any rogue fibers or starch residue.
  • As you can see, cleaning an iron soleplate takes little time and effort, but it can make a huge difference in how well your appliance works.
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