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Pre-Grad Party Tips & Cleaning Checklist

Graduation season is in full swing! In fact, upwards of 4 million people are graduating this year. Whether a loved one is graduating from pre-kindergarten or with a doctorate, there’s no reason not to celebrate such a momentous occasion. But before you bring out the libations and start decorating, you need to take care of some things first. Yes, we’re talking about planning and cleaning. 

As house cleaning professionals, we know a thing or two about home upkeep and how to get your space ready for a graduation party everyone will remember for years. 

Before Your Graduation Party Commences, Organize & Clean 

You can’t have the ultimate graduation party without a little prep beforehand. Ensuring your space is ready for visitors throughout the day will make you (and everyone else) feel more comfortable and focus on the graduate instead of the state of your home.  

Follow the home cleaning checklist below to get your home in order before the big day! 


  • Pick up shoes 

  • Vacuum rugs 

  • Organize foyer/entryway table 

  • Remove loose paper  

  • Sweep and mop floor 


  • Wipe sink and fixtures 

  • Sweep and mop floor 

  • Clean mirror  

  • Disinfect toilet 

  • Straighten shower curtain 

  • Sanitize counter 

  • Wash bath mats 


  • Disinfect countertops 

  • Clean and put away dishes 

  • Sweep and mop floor 

  • Empty dishwasher 

  • Store small-counter appliances  

  • Take out trash 

  • Wipe cabinets 

  • Sanitize stove and oven 

  • Clean microwave 


  • Wash sheets 

  • Make the bed 

  • Vacuum carpet 

  • Dust nightstands 

  • Organize desk 

  • Put away clothes 

Living Room 

  • Vacuum under couch 

  • Dust lamps and lampshades 

  • Fluff decorative pillows 

  • Wipe coffee and end tables  

  • Clean windows 

  • Straighten pictures on walls 

  • Provide extra seating 


  • Mow lawn 

  • Sweep patio or deck 

  • Clean sliding glass doors 

  • Spray organic pesticide 

  • Provide enough seating 

This checklist can also be used post-party to get your home back to normal. Recruit the rest of your family (and the friends lingering after the party) to help clean up after all the fun is had.  

6 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Graduation Party 

1. Set & Save the Date 

Don’t get so caught up planning your loved one’s graduation party that you forget to set a date for the big day! We suggest scheduling your grad party on a separate day from everyone else’s, preferably a day or two later. It’s no fun to make people choose between parties when everyone deserves to be celebrated or have friends make a brief appearance just to attend the next party.  

2. Budget Accordingly 

Any good party needs delicious food and fun to keep the festivities going for hours, which requires a sufficient budget. Make a list of everything you want for the party (with the graduate’s approval, of course) and research prices to say within the agreed-upon budget.  

3. Purchase Practical Gifts 

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without a few gifts to tell your graduate how proud you are of their accomplishment. Before you go for the instant-gratification gifts, try something more practical to serve them when they’re not at home. A cleaning gift card from Merry Maids can help your new grad keep their college dorm or apartment clean and organized so they can focus on classes. 

4. Focus on Personalized Decorations 

When it comes to the decorations, personalizing them is always the way to go. This is a huge milestone. If you can’t make a collage of your graduate’s first days of every grade or print out an oversized version of their head, there will probably never be another appropriate opportunity. However, double-check with the graduate first. You don’t want to risk embarrassing them on this important day.  

5. Custom Games Are the Best 

Nix the same old tired party games and opt for something more customized for your child who’s just graduated. Create a graduate version of BINGO where each of the squares is a fun fact about the graduate, or play “Who Knows the Graduate Better?” where guests fill in the blanks and answer questions about your loved one. The number of family-friendly custom games you can play is practically endless.  

6. Enjoy the Moment 

The day of your child’s graduation party will be filled with exciting, overwhelming, and memorable moments. Still, remember to just take a second and enjoy the day. Mingle with friends and family, relax and relish your hard work, and savor every moment.  

Once the Party is Over, Hire Us to Clean Up! 

After all the gifts are unwrapped, the food is eaten, and the graduate is off doing their own thing, your home will probably be in disarray. Not to worry, Merry Maids® is here to help get everything back in order. And don’t forget, scoop up a cleaning egift card for anyone needing our services, whether they’re moving in or out of an apartment, getting ready for their own grad party, or needing specialty cleaning. Whatever the occasion, we’re always ready to make life easier. 

Call (888) 490-4227 for more details or request a free estimate today!