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8 Impactful Ways to Refresh Your Entryway in the New Year

The entryway or foyer is one of the first parts of the home your guests see, so this space should reflect your style, be inviting, and be a functional hub for the entire family. We completely understand that kids, pets, and life can sometimes keep this area disorganized, making it a catch-all space for coats, shoes, backpacks, purses, leashes, and more.

Fortunately, Merry Maids® is your expert organization team, here to offer up some front entryway decorating and organizing ideas to refresh the space. Let us help you clean up the clutter in your front entry and make it a practical and welcoming part of your humble abode.

1. Add Organization Elements

Do your children toss their coats haphazardly in the corner or on the floor of your foyer? Is your spouse infamous for discarding junk mail on your sideboard? We understand that other things take priority sometimes, but your entryway can start to look more like a disaster zone than the entrance to a home if you’re not careful. One of the things you can do is add organization elements that keep items from piling up and creating hazards for your loved ones.

Some small entryway organization ideas include:

  • Hooks for coats, hats, and scarves
  • An inconspicuous shoe rack to keep shoes out of sight
  • A tray on top of your console to hold keys and organize mail

2. Bring in Natural Light

Because an entryway is at the very front of your home, it already gets natural light first thing in the morning. However, your entryway can become a proverbial cave as the morning turns into afternoon and evening. Recessed lighting gives the illusion of natural light, illuminating your entryway all day and night if you so choose.

A less invasive and quick option is to incorporate a table lamp that gives off soft light in the evenings for a more welcoming feel to the space. Not only are you adding more light, but you’re also creating visual appeal and drawing the eye to interesting design elements.

3. Update Flooring

When you purchased your home, your entryway probably wasn’t the room that made you say, “Yes! This is the house for me!” Nevertheless, it is a space that requires a little TLC to make it functional and stylish for your lifestyle. One way to refresh your entryway without much disruption is to update the floor.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: How is updating floors not going to interrupt my daily schedule? Glad you asked! You can use peel-and-stick panels over existing floors to expedite the process and save hundreds on installation. Home Depot and Amazon have various water-proof and durable options to choose from.

4. Incorporate a Durable Rug or Runner

A lot of foot traffic is inevitable in an area where your family has to walk through to enter and exit your home. We know that kids and pets can wreak havoc on your floors, which is why you’ll want something that will last through various seasons. So, it’s only fitting that you add a durable and stylish rug or runner to the space. Wayfair has a selection of rugs and runners designed for heavy foot traffic, and the best part is they’re not dull or uninspiring. You’ll get colorful, trendy, and affordable materials ready to help you refresh your entryway.

5. Enhance Wall Color

While this process is purely cosmetic, adding a bright and airy or neutral color to your entryway creates an ambiance that enhances the look of the space. You can use paint to influence moods and potentially inspire creativity. Although choosing paint colors can be a bit overwhelming, once you have the right color, you’ll be amazed at how refreshed your entryway looks. Remember to always test your paint color on your walls first and see what it looks like during various times of the day. We can’t stress enough how vital it is to ensure you love your paint color in the early morning light as much as you do during sunset.

6. Utilize Decorative and Functional Storage

An abundance of mail or coats might not be the issue in your foyer. However, maybe a large number of shoes littering the floor has gotten out of control. Having a side table with cabinets or hidden compartments to house your family’s various items can be a huge help and a simple decorative piece of furniture. After all, your functional storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Anything you bring into your entryway should simultaneously reflect your style and be practical.

7. Include a Welcome Area

Now that we’ve unpacked a few more significant ways to refresh your entryway, we need to get into the smaller details that make a foyer more welcoming. It’s not always about incorporating larger pieces of furniture.

You can create a welcome area that includes:

  • A gallery wall of family portraits (including your pets too!)
  • A decorative frame telling visitors the Wi-Fi password
  • An antique buffet to display vintage family heirlooms
  • Colorful custom art from you or your kids to show off

Even minor decorative elements can make a huge difference and invite everyone into your home.

8. Add Seating

Sitting on the floor to put your shoes on is just not going to cut it in your magazine-worthy home. We love the idea of adding various types of seating to suit your entryway’s function and design. From a DIY bench to trendy thrifted ottomans, anything that feels like your style can be a welcomed addition to your foyer.

Refreshing your entryway is easy when you’re in charge of the design, and we’re taking care of the upkeep. Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals is here to help add to your home’s fresh feeling.

Call (888) 490-4227 to let us help you find your local Merry Maids and provide you with a free cleaning estimate today.