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12 DIY Pumpkins You Can Make Without Carving

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween staple! There’s no way you can nix this tradition from your frightening festivities. Just kidding! You can create adorable and spooky pumpkins without ever picking up a knife. All you’ll need is your imagination, scissors, various household cleaning items, and help from your dedicated cleaning experts—Merry Maids® to get those creative juices flowing.  

1. Precious Paper Strip Pumpkins 

For parents with school-age children, you probably already have a few construction-paper pumpkins decorating your mantel right now. And now, you can add a few more by making First Pallette’s paper strip pumpkins with your kiddos.  

2. Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins 

Have you ever wondered what to do with your toilet paper rolls after the toilet paper is gone? Yes, recycling can be a great option, but why not reuse them and make some unique DIY Halloween decorations? With some markers and construction paper, you and the kids will have a frightfully fun time with The Inspiration Edit’s toilet paper roll pumpkin. And you can save space in your recycling bin.  

3. Charming Crochet Pumpkins 

Are you a master crocheter with some time on your hands? Crocheting a pumpkin is the pastime you’ve been searching for! MJ’s Off the Hook Designs has a great tutorial for a rustic farmhouse crochet pumpkin.  

4. Fabulous No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins 

No worries if you don’t consider yourself a “crafty” person! This fab no-sew fabric pumpkin is right up your alley. You’ll simply need fabric with a creepy Halloween design or your favorite pattern, scissors, a bag of dried beans, polyester stuffing, and a few other things to get started. Sustain My Craft Habit has all the details to get you started

5. Concrete Planter Pumpkins 

It’s time to pull out your hard hat for this DIY pumpkin! Not really. But you will need some concrete, obviously, to make a concrete pumpkin that can also double as a planter. You can find a straightforward tutorial from DIY Lily Ardor. She explains how to make a cool pumpkin planter for succulents.  

6. Stacked-Wood Pumpkins 

It always amazes us how creative people can get when it comes to DIY pumpkins and Halloween decorations in general. Swanky Design Company has a tutorial for a rustic-modern twist on pumpkins that will blow your mind.  

7. Classy Wine Cork Pumpkins 

After all the many parties you’ve hosted at your home, little did you know there’s a use for all those wine corks you’ve been saving for a craft project. Get out your stash of corks and follow My Gourmet Connections’ tutorial to make a wine cork pumpkin for Halloween! And, hey, if you run out of corks, you’ll have to have friends over to help you collect more.  

8. Eco-Friendly Moss Pumpkins 

We know a thing or two about going green. After all, we offer green cleaning using proprietary EPA-registered products. So, we love DIY Halloween decorations incorporating green elements like Edith & Evelyn’s eco-friendly moss pumpkins.  

9. Ingenious Dryer Vent Hose Pumpkins 

Can we say again how amazed we are at the ingenuity of people? Taking a simple household item that isn’t visually appealing and turning it into something beautiful is absolutely mind-blowing. But SoCraftastic managed to do it with this dryer vent hose pumpkin.  

10. Tin Can Pumpkins 

If you’re looking for a craft that will keep the kids occupied while you prepare the house for Halloween guests, this one is it! You won’t need anything sharp to complete this project in just minutes. Round up your old perishable food cans and try your hand at these fun tin can pumpkins from Megan Plus FIVE

11. Recycled Denim Pumpkins 

With summer transitioning into fall, you probably organize your closet and remove things you haven’t worn in years. If a pair of denim jeans or a denim vest has made its way into the “do not keep” pile, pull it out! Creatively Beth’s tutorial for a recycled denim pumpkin will seriously make you regret getting rid of previous denim clothing.  

12. Steel Sponge Pumpkins 

Forget everything you thought you knew about steel scrubbers (which is probably that they clean things). This Youtube tutorial from 334bamagirl is easy, fun, and inexpensive—everything we love in a DIY Halloween project!  

NOTE: We don’t recommend using old steel scrubbers for this project because you don’t want to spread bacteria.  

Make More Creative Halloween Decorations. We’ll Clean Up Afterward! 

After your DIY pumpkins are complete, hire our team to help clean up and reorganize everything. We aim to help you celebrate Halloween hassle-free. You can depend on Merry Maids® for exceptional cleaning support when you have an upcoming get-together at your home or holiday guests on the way.  

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