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11 Simple Thanksgiving Decorations That Last for Years

You didn’t think Halloween and Christmas were the only holidays worth decorating for, did you? You wouldn’t be alone in your thinking. As many as 27% of people have admitted to decorating for Christmas immediately following Halloween or in the first two weeks of November.  

Thanksgiving can often be overlooked because of its proximity to yuletide, but we’re here to give the fourth Thursday in November its flowers with these easy Thanksgiving decorations that will last for years.  

1. Corn Husk Wreath 

If you want a DIY decoration that screams fall, this Thanksgiving décor idea is for you! You probably don’t have extra corn husk lying around, and that’s okay. Corn shucks can be purchased separately for this easy project. You’ll also need a few faux feathers, a hot glue gun, a wreath form, and a few minutes to devote to being creative.  

Find out how to complete this project at We Three Shanes

2. Pumpkin/Gourd Centerpiece 

With Halloween in the rearview, you’re probably about ready to chuck your pumpkins and gourds. But before you do, see how they look on your table. If these pumpkins are past their prime, you might even use one of the no-carve pumpkins you made last month. 

Find out how to complete this project at Design Improvised

3. Harvest Leaf Garland 

Christmas isn’t the only holiday made for garland. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to put your DIY skills to great use and find something to do with all the leaves that are taking over your yard. Sure, you could purchase fall garland from a craft store, but what fun would that be? This easy DIY decoration idea will preserve one of the best parts of fall. 

Find out how to complete this project at Homespun Seasonal Living

4. Natural Wood Slice Cup Holders 

This “project” doesn’t actually require you to get your hands dirty, which is probably a great relief as you have enough on your plate. But we think these wood slice cupholders will make a statement in your holiday place settings, and they’re items you can keep forever and use for almost any occasion.  

Purchase this item from Amazon.  

5. Printable Harvest Banner 

It’s always the simplest décor pieces that hugely impact your space. Something as uncomplicated as a harvest banner can bring a fun, festive atmosphere to any home. You might not think of yourself as the craftiest person, but these printable images for your banner will make all your guests believe you live and breathe holiday crafts.  

Find out how to complete this project at House of Hargrove

6. Holiday Mason Jar Candle Holders 

We truly believe a centerpiece can bring your entire vision to life when you’re hosting a holiday dinner. You don’t always need some extravagant centerpiece for the occasion, and these easy holiday decorations prove that. All you’ll need are a few mason jars, tea lights, and fresh ingredients to add to your jars. Not only will you make a statement, but you’ll add some wonderful, fresh aromas to your home.  

Find out how to complete this project at Le Zoe Musings. 

7. Wheat Bundles Centerpiece 

Everyone wants the perfect centerpiece to enhance the overall look and feel of any Thanksgiving setup. But most people waste time going from store to store for the perfect centerpiece when it’s as easy as taking a bundle of wheat and tying it together for a chic and minimalist effect.  

Find out how to complete this project at Uncommon Designs

8. DIY “Give Thanks” Sign 

We give you permission to retire those pre-made Thanksgiving signs and replace them with a DIY and personalized version. And the best part of this Thanksgiving decoration idea is that it can be reversed and used for Christmas! You can continue to utilize this sign for years and never get tired of it.  

Find out how to complete this project at Unoriginal Mom

9. Fall Napkins 

Fall-themed décor is selling out like hotcakes right now, but you don’t have to jump on the bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing. Make your own easy Thanksgiving decorations with a few leaves, plain napkins, and little ingenuity. 

Find out how to complete this project at That’s What Che Said

10. Gold Leaf Napkin Rings 

A formal table setting may not be for everyone, but if it’s your tradition, we recommend making the napkin holders yourself. You won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get sophisticated napkin rings to enhance your place settings, and you can keep them forever.  

Find out how to complete this project at Home Made by Carmona. 

11. Real Leaf Gallery Wall 

Have you always wanted a gallery wall to add flair to your living or dining room? Now you don’t need a professional designer to make your home look magazine worthy. You’ll need a set of 6-9 picture frames and leaves from your yard, and you, too, can have a modern gallery wall to make your Thanksgiving decorations pop! And this versatile idea can be left up throughout the year or changed depending on the season. 

Find out how to complete this project at The Design Twins

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