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10 Ingenious Recipes Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

Well, that’s a wrap on Thanksgiving! But don’t get too excited to transition to Christmas. You still have tons of leftovers to eat. What do you do? Turn those leftovers into something unique and delicious; that’s what! Our team at Merry Maids® has a few ideas about what you can do with your leftover mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rolls, turkey, ham, and so much more. Your entire family will love them; trust us. 

1. Mashed Potato Pizza 

So, you may have gone a bit overboard with the mashed potatoes—no worries! This recipe from Food Network will reinvigorate your family’s love of mashed potatoes, and they’ll definitely have a new appreciation for pizza. Mark our words.  

Find the recipe here.  

2. Turkey Breakfast Sandwich 

We tweaked this unique take on a classic Rueben sandwich but decided to gear it more toward breakfast. After all, you’ll need a meal for the morning after Thanksgiving, right? Keep the rye bread, Swiss cheese, and turkey, but instead of sauerkraut and thousand island dressing, replace them with shredded hash browns and breakfast gravy or sweet cranberry sauce. This meal will warm you from the inside out and satisfy all your guests’ cravings. 

Find the recipe here. 

3. Stuffing Waffles 

Talk about a brunch delight! These stuffing waffles are a fun twist on stuffing and a way to keep them from spoiling in your fridge. Top these bad boys with mashed potatoes (if you have leftovers from the pizza), and call it a day. We suggest using gravy instead of syrup. While this might sound like a sweet breakfast treat, it’s actually better suited for lunch or dinner. But, hey, don’t let us stop you from experimenting with flavors! 

Find the recipe here

4. Cranberry BBQ Sauce 

The original recipe comes from country singer Trisha Yearwood and includes turkey griddle cakes, but we loved the cranberry barbeque sauce idea so much that we felt it necessary to include it on our list solo. This savory and sweet condiment will surely be your new favorite even after Thanksgiving. 

Find the recipe here

5. Christmas Breakfast Casserole 

Don’t be fooled by the name. This yummy breakfast casserole can be used to satisfy all holiday guests and get Thanksgiving leftovers out of your fridge. And the best part is that it can be amended and turned into a vegan option for your health-conscious loved ones.  

Find the recipe here. 

6. Turkey Fried Rice 

Now that Thanksgiving is over, are you hankering for something besides traditional holiday foods? Don’t let those leftovers go to waste! Ditch the Chinese takeout and use what you have at home to make the perfect fried rice that no one will balk at.  

Find the recipe here

7. Cranberry Sauce Pound Cake 

You may be tired of turkey and stuffing, but we know for a fact that you could continue to eat all those holiday desserts well into the new year. Ahead of Thyme has a great pound cake recipe that incorporates leftover cranberry sauce. If you’re not a fan of cranberry sauce as a dinner side dish, you might change your mind when it’s in dessert form. We promise you won’t look at cranberry sauce the same ever again.  

Find the recipe here

8. Slow Cooker Ham & Cheese Soup 

During Thanksgiving, there’s much talk about turkey. But ham deserves its flowers too! Take your leftover ham and make this oh-so-delicious and rich slower cooker potato soup with ham to add a savory finish. Additionally, you can cut down prep time by using pre-packaged shredded potatoes.  

Find the recipe here

9. Fried Mac & Cheese Balls 

Like many families, you opt for macaroni and cheese instead of mashed potatoes, and that’s fine with us! We love all holiday foods, so no judgments here. But, say you’re getting tired of eating through that huge mac and cheese dish and want to spice things up. Try this fried mac and cheese ball recipe the entire family will scarf down in no time.  

Find the recipe here

10. French Toast Cups 

Rolls and heaps of bread are staples at any holiday dinner. However, you may have gone a bit overboard with the bread options, and now you have an abundance. What do you do? Repurpose those rolls into individual French toast cups that will be a hit at breakfast the next morning, afternoon, or whenever you finally get out of bed. After all, this is your holiday vacation. Take it easy! 

Find the recipe here

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