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15 Kitchen Must-Haves for the Perfect Holiday Feast

The fun of cooking a big holiday feast is getting to use the latest, most innovative, and classic (with a bit of a twist) gadgets. Many products on the market claim to be the best of the best, but how can you be sure?

Luckily, our team members at Merry Maids® have tested and signed off on all of the kitchen gadget must-haves you’ll see below. Whether you’re cooking a smorgasbord for 10+ people or an intimate Christmas dinner for two, we hope these handy items help you create the meal of your dreams.

1. Meater Bluetooth-Compatible Meat Thermometer

Throw out that old thermometer (that’s seen better days) and enter the 21st century with this handy-dandy state-of-the-art Bluetooth-compatible meat thermometer from Meater! With all the bells and whistles galore, you won’t need (or want) another similar gadget.

Price: $99.95 on Meater

2. Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders

You can finally give your arm muscles a rest from the constant shaking of traditional salt and pepper shakers. Gravity’s electric salt and pepper grinders are sleek, sophisticated, and convenient. We promise that you’ll never want to go back to the classics again once you use these.

Price: $26.98 on Amazon

3. Fullstar Veggie Chopper

Chopping or mincing vegetables has never been easier than with the Fullstar vegetable chopper. Not only is this magnificent device a slicer, but it’s also a spiralizer and comes with a juicer attachment. If you need an all-in-one veggie chopper/fruit juicer for your big Christmas dinner, this is it.

Price: $35.99 on Amazon (and an extra $5 off coupon)

4. Stainless Steel Joule Sous Vide

With a joule sous vide in your kitchen, you can truly call yourself a master chef. However, with Breville’s stainless steel version, you’ll be forever known among friends and family as a culinary artist. This Alexa-compatible, Wifi- and Bluetooth-ready joule sous vide is the only precision cooker you’ll ever need.

Price: $244.99 on Amazon

5. AVEINE Wireless Wine Aerator

Are you ready for a new wine experience? Save the decanter for a different dinner party. Your holiday get-together deserves signature wine for this special occasion, and the best part is you don’t have to wait for it to breathe before the first sip. AVEINE’s wireless wine aerator calculates precise oxygenation without decanting ahead of time.

Price: $499 on Amazon

6. Secura French Press Coffee Maker

You’ve done everything you can to prepare for overnight guests after your holiday feast, but do you have the right coffee maker to get everyone up on the right side of the bed the following day? This exquisite 50-ounce French press coffee maker from Secura will definitely be the best part of the day.

Price: $38.99 on Amazon

7. Chef’n Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer

Ditch the store-bought salad dressing and make your own savory dressing with the Chef’n Emulstir 2.0 salad dressing mixer. This practical kitchen gadget is ideal for creating a homemade staple dressing that won’t separate or spill from the container.

Price: $25.98 on Amazon

8. Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer and Dispenser

Remember when we said your coffee maker would be the highlight of the day? Let us amend that and add in this pancake batter mixer and dispenser from Whiskware. Fluffy, golden-brown pancakes just sound like a unique after-Christmas gift that keeps on giving, right?

Price: $14.99 on Amazon

9. RSVP International Yellow Deluxe Corn Stripper

If you love corn-on-the-cob as much as we do, you have to have RSVP’s corn stripper among your go-to kitchen gadgets. All of your guests will indeed thank you for saving them time and a potential mess when you easily strip the corn off the cob.

Price: $21.49 on Amazon

10. Enido Collapsible Over the Sink Strainer

From collard greens to macaroni and cheese, you’re going to need your trusty colander to strain excess water from your ingredients. Enido has a collapsible strainer that fits perfectly in any cabinet to save you space and fits over almost any size sink for less mess. This item is also a unique kitchen gift for the culinary connoisseurs in your life.

Price: $21.99 on Amazon (add an extra 5% off coupon)

11. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Hand-held can openers have been around for decades. And while we subscribe to tradition, we also believe you should work smarter, not harder. Put down that year’s old beat-up opener and get Kitchen Mama’s electric can opener to help expedite the cooking process.

Price: $28.99 on Amazon

12. Lekue Stackable Ice Pop Lollipop

We can’t forget your tiniest dinner guests! It’s only fair that you get some practical kitchen gadgets and gift ideas for your older loved ones, but also consider your youngest. We guarantee these stackable ice pop lollipop molds will be the talk of your party and a unique kitchen gift for your crafty family members and friends.

Price: $22 on Amazon

13. Gevi LED Touchscreen Smart Toaster

Post-party/morning-after breakfast just wouldn’t be the same without stacks of buttery warm toast. And you can accommodate all of your bread-lovers with Gevi’s LED touchscreen smart toaster. Not only does this kitchen gadget make four slices simultaneously, but it also defrosts and reheats! You can’t tell us this isn’t a great kitchen gift for someone constantly on the go.

Price: $69.98 on Amazon (add an extra 15% off coupon)

14. Presto Electric Griddle

Close your eyes and imagine cooking your bacon, eggs, pancakes, or French toast in the same pan. Now, open your eyes and take a gander at this electric griddle from Presto. We love multitasking, and kitchen appliances that help us do that are forever a kitchen must-have whether you’re cooking brunch for guests or dinner for the family.

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

15. Automatic Pan Stirrer

Are you planning to make your secret family gravy recipe but have to keep an eye on everything else simmering on the stove or browning in the oven? Get Uncommon Goods’ automatic pan stirrer to help you cook savory sauces to perfection.

Price: $25 on Uncommon Goods

With your kitchen stocked full of all the necessary kitchen gadgets the world has to offer, let us help you focus on giving your guests a holiday party they won’t soon forget. Our holiday cleaning services get your home ready for a spectacular family and friends feast for the ages.

Find your local Merry Maids today or call (888) 490-4227 to request your free cleaning estimate.