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8 Unique Holiday Party Ideas that Aren’t Christmas Dinner

Do you want to try something a little different for Christmas dinner? Like, not having it? Before you call an emergency meeting of the holiday tradition keepers, hear us out. How about swapping Christmas dinner for a lovely brunch? Or a big Christmas spread for a morning tea party? 

The idea is probably out of your comfort zone, but if you’re going to be doing the bulk of the cooking for the holidays, shouldn’t you have the final say about how it’s organized? We definitely think so! Leave it to our team at Merry Maids® to help you curate unique holiday party ideas so that you can enjoy the rest of the day without stress. 

1. Pancakes & Pajamas 

Is it your dream to simply roll out of bed and have your closest loved ones celebrate the holidays with you? Who needs all that pomp and circumstance when you can be comfortable in your most beloved PJs? Your friends and family will absolutely love your Pancakes and Pajamas Christmas party! Simply ask everyone to show up in their best nightwear (all appropriate, of course) and enjoy some breakfast staples with you. Obviously, pancakes have to be on the menu. 

2. Flannel & Flapjacks 

Similar to Pancakes and Pajamas, your Flannel and Flapjacks party will involve the people you love the most in their pajamas. The kicker is that they must be flannel pajamas. You can’t have this part without festive flannel PJs. You’ll also need pancakes and other breakfast foods you can’t live without.  

3. Cookie Swap 

Are you a gingerbread cookie connoisseur? Are your sugar cookies the talk of the town? It’s time to put your cookie where your mouth is and throw a Christmas cookie swap party! Ask friends and family members to bring their best homemade cookies. Once everyone has arrived, have holiday-themed bags ready to fill with a few different cookies to take home for a sweet Christmas treat. 

4. New York “Sock” Exchange 

We love a good play on words, and this New York “Sock” Exchange party is definitely one to remember. For this unique holiday party idea, you’ll want to gather all your friends and family, ask them to fill a stocking with fun goodies and stocking stuffers (like a Merry Maids cleaning gift card), and bring it to exchange with someone else. This is similar to secret Santa, but you won’t buy one gift for a specific person. You’ll have everyone purchase smaller gifts to put in the stocking. The best part is that you can open all gifts right then and there or save some for Christmas day. 

5. Mistletoe & Margaritas 

Who says a margarita isn’t a holiday beverage? Any drink that can bring people together is made for the holidays. In fact, we recommend the candy cane margarita if you still have some nay-sayers trying to dampen your Christmas spirit. Throwing a Mistletoe and Margaritas party will get your Christmas started off right and make it nearly impossible for anyone to turn down your invitation.  

6. Tea’s the Season 

Maybe you have loved ones who aren’t fans of Christmas wine and spirits. That’s okay! Try a Tea’s the Season party instead. Whether you have friends who gravitate toward sweet tea, green tea, peppermint tea, cinnamon tea, etc., you’ll have the hook up on all the teas. You can even incorporate this into a holiday brunch party, such as Pancakes and Pajamas.  

7. Mingle & Jingle 

Are you that friend who is always trying to set your good friends up with one another? It makes sense! If they get along with you, why couldn’t they get along with each other? A Mingle and Jingle party could be the perfect venue for those single friends you’ve been trying to set up to finally meet. You don’t want it to be awkward or uncomfortable for either individual, so ensure they know the situation and your intentions. After all, we want everyone to survive the holidays physically and emotionally unscathed.  

8. Favorite Things 

Everyone has a list of favorite things they’re willing to tell others about in hopes that they get it for Christmas. But what if you bought some of your favorite things and exchanged them with someone else? The Favorite Things holiday party is a fun take on secret Santa (or white elephant, depending on your part of the country).  

An alternative to this themed party is to have your loved ones fill out a short list of 4 to 5 small items they want from Christmas and select another guest to buy them. Everyone will bring their favorite things to the party and exchange them. We suggest keeping the budget low, so there aren’t outrageously expensive requests.  

Say No to Holiday Stress & Let Merry Maids Help! 

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