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Bedroom Furniture Cleaning

When it comes to the bedroom, your bed is probably the piece of furniture that you use most often. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only piece of furniture that needs to be cleaned. Bookshelves collect dust, while desks and nightstands are the victims of spilled drinks.

There are so many personal belongings in bedrooms, such as knickknacks, family photos, books, tablets and so forth. It’s easy to get overwhelmed just trying to figure out where to begin cleaning. So overwhelmed, in fact, that you may never start at all.

There’s no need to despair, however. Below you’ll find the basics of bedroom furniture cleaning, so you know what needs to be done and can plan accordingly.

How to clean bedroom furniture

Before you start cleaning your bedroom furniture, you’ll need to gather your supplies. All you need is a duster, a few microfiber cloths, a spray bottle of water and a vacuum cleaner. That’s not so overwhelming, right?

Now you’re ready to clean.

Dusting bookshelves

Bookshelves collect a lot of dust because people often forget about them. When cleaning bookshelves, you want to work from the top down. That way any dust that falls as you work will settle on a tier shelf that still needs to be cleaned.

First, remove all of the books from the top shelf and place them on the floor. The next step will depend on how dusty your shelves are. If there’s a lot of dust, you’ll want to use your duster and then follow up by wiping with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth. For shelves with a light cover of dust, the cloth alone will work. Keep in mind that you may need to rinse your microfiber cloth clean during this process to ensure you’re not smearing grime around. Once the shelf is clean, return the books, but wipe each one down with a dry microfiber cloth as you go. You’ll repeat this until all shelves have been cleaned.

There may be a small pile of dust on the floor when you finish. Give it a pass with the vacuum cleaner and you’ll be ready to move on.

Wiping away spills and dust from desks

The desk may need the most elbow grease of all your bedroom furniture, as people have a tendency to snack or drink coffee while they reply to emails or pay bills online. Even so, it’s still not a difficult piece of furniture to clean.

Start by clearing all the items off your desk and stacking them neatly on the floor or in your desk chair. Next, you’ll wipe the surface of the desk using a duster or a microfiber cloth. Depending on the material your desk is made from, lightly spritz spills with water or a cleaning product specific to the desk’s material. Put extra pressure on the cloth for tough spills. When the top is clean, wipe down the sides and legs of your desk and then replace all the items you cleared off. Finally, wipe down your desk chair. If you chair has a fabric seat, you can use the vacuum attachment to get rid of any crumbs or grit.

Cleaning dressers and nightstands

Cleaning these furniture items is very similar to how you cleaned your desk. To begin, you will need to remove all the items from the top of your dresser or night table. Then set them down neatly on the floor. After you’ve done that, wipe down all the surfaces including the tops, sides and legs with your microfiber cloth.

Here’s the hitch with dressers and nightstands: You don’t want to put dusty items back on top of clean surfaces. Before replacing the items you cleared, wipe them down with a dry microfiber cloth. There may be a lot of little items depending on how fond you are of tchotchkes, so this step could be time consuming.

There you have it. The basics of bedroom furniture cleaning. As you can see, it’s really not that difficult of a process. Nonetheless, it does take a little time, and with meetings and the kids’ dentist appointments, you may not have a chance to regularly clean your bedroom furniture. Fortunately, most of these chores fall under routine housekeeping services, and your local Merry Maids team is happy to lend a hand.

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