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Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas

Like most people, you probably use storage containers or shelving to declutter your bedroom closet. However, you may find that even with storage, you have trouble decluttering. That’s OK. It happens to everyone. And the reason why you can’t declutter in spite of your many containers, shelves and bins is because your storage isn’t being used properly or to its full potential.

While you may think you have your storage game down, there’s always a new trick or two you can pick up. Take a look at the following storage solutions you can use to cut back on clutter with proper closet reorganization.

Shelf dividers

Have you ever reached up in to your bedroom closet to pull out one of your storage containers, only to have another container fall on your head? Spare yourself the literal headache by investing in shelf dividers. Dividers can be used on any shelf, whether it’s high or low. They split your shelves horizontally, so you don’t have to take down three bins to retrieve the one you want. Shelf dividers also help with decluttering by separating items vertically, which is great if you’re storing things that tend to topple, such as stacks of folded sweaters or towels.

Hanging shelves or closet organizers

The person who invented hanging shelves should be given a prize. Hanging shelves are the perfect closet organizer for bedroom closets that need a little extra shelf space and they take decluttering to a new level. No longer will your sweaters slide off hangers. Say goodbye to the days when you couldn’t find a good place in your closet to store workout gear or underwear. You can simply fold these items and place them on your hanging shelf. This method can be used by everyone. Hanging shelves are especially great for people who rent their homes and don’t want to risk their security deposits by installing new shelving.

Storage drawers or rolling drawers

Many people like to employ loose baskets to store items such as socks or pajamas. While baskets can be really useful in decluttering kitchens or living rooms, they aren’t much good in a space as small as your bedroom closet. They take up valuable floor space, for starters. You also have to bend or squat whenever you need to retrieve something. Rolling drawers, also known as storage drawers, are a better option, because their stacked design means they can hold everything your baskets do, while taking up less closet floor real estate. The benefit to drawers with wheels is that if you have an awkwardly shaped closet, you can tuck the rolling drawers in a corner and easily pull them out when you needed to. And if you really, really just love the look of baskets, you can probably find a rolling unit that uses them in lieu of drawers.

Labeled storage bins

Sure, you have storage bins. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a nightmare finding the quilt you want if you can’t tell what’s in each bin. And when you’re in a hurry and have to dig through several storage bins looking for what you want, you’re going to end up with a mess. Label maker to the rescue. Pro tip: If your storage bins hold a hodgepodge of items—and everyone has at least one of those—create a list of every single item within and tape that to the front of the container. With labeled storage bins, you may never have to upend your bedroom closet by tearing through multiple bins again.

Umbrella stands

Naturally, you can use umbrella stands to hold umbrellas. However, they also make excellent receptacles for oddly shaped items like yoga mats and foam rollers which can tumble over and create clutter if they’re not contained. You can take decluttering one step further if you store items prone to tangling on your closet floor—think resistance bands—by draping them neatly over the sides of the umbrella stand.

So now you have more tricks up your sleeves when it comes to storage and decluttering. If this has you inspired to give your closet a complete makeover, check out these helpful tips on how you can organize your clothes and shoes.