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Freeing Up Your Time for Creative Projects

We all wish we had a little more time for our “passion projects,” whether that means diving into a fun DIY craft, remodeling part of our home, or learning a new language. Although it can be difficult to make time for exciting creative projects in the midst of day-to-day chaos, it’s not impossible!

With the skyrocketing growth of the service economy, many homeowners and aspiring creatives have found more room in their schedules for the things they really want to do, thanks to the power of delegation. As cleaning professionals, our experts at Merry Maids® specialize in making sure that you have a chance to relax and pursue your projects, without sacrificing a spotless house.

Choosing Your Next Project

When selecting your next creative or personal project, it’s best to select something that really speaks to you on an emotional level, so that you’ll be motivated to finish it. It’s also important to keep your goals realistic – that means picking projects you can complete over the course of a month, or that don’t have a set end-goal.

While Pinterest and Instagram provide a wealth of home improvement ideas – and swoon-worthy recipes to try – you don’t have to restrict yourself to practical projects around the house. Blogs like The Muse can help you refine your professional goals, or you could focus on developing a personal attribute like greater mindfulness. Whatever you decide, do it with intention!

Here are just a few creative project ideas to get you started:

· Create a visual bucket list or “vision board.” A visual reminder of your goals can be a great way to motivate yourself throughout the year. Try rolling up your bucket list items on colored craft paper and placing them in a decorated mason jar by your bed, or learn how to create the ideal vision board at The Artful Parent.

· Improve your baking chops. Even seasoned bakers can hone their skills by selecting a “recipe of the year.” Pick one of your favorite guilty pleasures, whether that means cinnamon rolls, bread, or lemon bars. Then, make it your mission to perfect a new recipe variation each month.

· Learn to speak a new language. From newer programs like Duolingo to the classic Rosetta Stone series, there are so many ways to make language-learning fun and easy! To keep your goal achievable, focus on small, 15-minute increments each day, and build from there.

· Make your own meditation space. Need an extra dose of daily calm? Your home can be a restful haven when you have a beautifully-decorated sanctuary for meditation and yoga. Using elements like aromatherapy, comfortable seat pillows, and translucent curtains, making your space doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just ask the experts at The Chopra Center!

· Power up your professional career. No matter if you’re looking to become a certified PHP professional or just level up your negotiating game, you can take hundreds of professional courses from LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as Lynda).

· Redecorate a single room in your home. If you’ve always wanted to re-vamp your kitchen and capture that French provincial style, now is the time to do it. To space out your redecorating, decide on a single change per week, or per month.

· Submit your stories, poems, and essays. Bitten by the writing bug? Although it may sound daunting to submit your personal stories and poems, there are dozens of online communities and writing magazines that accept submissions from new authors – and some of them even pay! Take a look at Submittable, a new online marketplace for creative work.

Helping You Discover Your Passion

After 40 years of helping busy families make time for more, our experts at Merry Maids® are ready to empower your creative projects, too. While you focus on becoming fluent in French or reinventing your laundry room, we’ll handle the house cleaning with the same care and precision that you would.

Ready to start your passion project today? Schedule cleaning services with your local Merry Maids® by calling (888) 490-4227.