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Giving Mom the Gift of Time

The concept of celebrating mothers and motherhood in general has been around for countless years. When we consider the unique ways these strong female figures affect our lives from the start, regardless of how different each relationship looks, we will always find a reason to celebrate them.

According to a 2020 State of Motherhood Survey, 68% of working moms report having less than one hour of “me time” per week, and 86% of moms report feeling “burned out” due to responsibilities at least occasionally. Nationwide, at least 40% of moms are also working to provide for their families financially! This popular day in May serves as a reminder to appreciate mothers and do something out of the ordinary to honor them. 

The top three most popular Mother’s Day purchases in 2022 were greeting cards, Mother’s Day flowers, and special outings such as dining at restaurants. However, for moms with a chaotic schedule and a long to-do list, the gift of time may be the most appreciated gift of all! Are you curious as to just how many hours the woman in the household typically spends their time just cleaning? According to the New York Post in 2020, the average American mom dedicates almost a full day’s worth of time to cleaning and housework each month, at an average of 23 hours and 36 minutes!

An expensive or sentimental gift could be just the thing your mom wants and needs this Mother’s Day. However, nothing quite says, “mom, I appreciate everything you do,” like acts of service, and a cleaning gift card from Merry Maids will shorten her pesky to-do list and allow her to spend some much needed “me time” relaxing, with loved ones or enjoying a favorite hobby.

While you are here, check out the following stats about our hard-working moms:

  • The average American women spends 5.7 hours per day on housework and family obligations. That is 2 more hours per day than men in same household (Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Study, 2021)
  • The average full-time working mom spends about 21 hours per week on housework. That’s about 6 hours per week more than men in same households (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2021)
  • 51% of working moms report having zero time for a date night with their partner in the past year (State of Motherhood survey, 2020) 
  • Only 8% of moms report getting 8 hours of sleep most nights in the past year. Most mention “not enough time” as a reason for sleep shortage (State of Motherhood Survey, 2020)

Trust our cleaning professionals to make this the most special Mother’s Day yet. Purchase a gift card from Merry Maids to give the gift of time to your mom!