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How to Make Your Home More Accessible

For a loved one who has mobility issues, a home that is difficult to navigate can be frustrating and even dangerous. Making a few simple modifications can help improve their mobility and quality of life.

The team at Merry Maids® will provide insights into how families can determine what mobility devices may be the most beneficial for their loved ones. We’ll also share practical tips and ideas to implement in the home, such as bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and entrance modifications, to help provide ideas so that your home can be accessible for those with mobility issues.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Accessibility

A critical aspect of making your home accessible is to assess the needs of your loved ones. For example, if they use a wheelchair, you may consider lowering the kitchen countertop to allow for comfortable use, installing a roll-in shower, and adding a ramp to the front entrance for easy access. Identifying specific mobility challenges will enable you to make informed decisions on the appropriate modifications to make to your home.

1. Modifications to the Bathroom

A bathroom is a space that requires extra care and attention when it comes to making it accessible. One of the most important changes is to install grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet. It’s also recommended to replace the tub with a walk-in shower with a hand-held showerhead. This modification can help to avoid slipping and falling while taking a shower. Additionally, it’s a great idea to install a raised toilet seat or in-wall toilet tank system.

2. Modifications to the Bedroom

The bedroom is another important space in your home that needs modification for those with mobility issues. Installing a bed rail can help keep a loved one steady and prevent them from falling out of bed. Adding caster cups to the wheels of a bed or chair will make it easier to move around without causing damage to your floors. Furthermore, it’s important to clear the doorways of obstacles to ensure your loved one can move through easily.

3. Modifications to the Kitchen

The kitchen is a space where creative and affordable modifications can be implemented. One of the simplest changes you can make is to swap traditional refrigerator and freezer doors with sliding doors. If you have a traditional stove, install a stove guard to help your loved one avoid touching the hot stovetop. Another modification to consider is adding pull-out drawers to your cabinetry to make it easier to access pots, pans, and kitchen appliances.

4. Modifications to the Entrance

Your entryway is where your loved ones will need the most help and attention. Installing a wheelchair ramp with a non-slip surface is a way to help your loved one safely enter and exit your home. An intercom system is another important modification to install at the home of a loved one who may have mobility challenges. This will allow you to communicate with your loved one before opening the door.

Determining the Best Mobility Devices

Various mobility devices can make your loved one’s life easier, depending on the mobility issue. Speak with a doctor or a mobility device professional to determine which device is best for your loved one. Consider factors such as your loved one’s comfort level, how mobile they are, and what they feel would make navigating their home easier.

Merry Maids Can Further Support Comfort Home

Making your home accessible can seem overwhelming, but it’s essential for your family members’ safety and overall well-being. With the above modifications and mobility device recommendations, you can help make your home safe and comfortable for those with mobility issues. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so it’s crucial to personalize home modifications and mobility devices based on each individual’s needs.

Additionally, our cleaning professionals can help clean and organize your home, further enhancing comfort for everyone. We offer organizational services, housekeeping, and more to help keep your home clutter-free.

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