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Other Cleaning Uses Dryer Sheets

You might already know that basic household items like lemons and vinegar can be used for cleaning. Ready for yet another surprise? You can also use old dryer sheets in your daily housekeeping routine.

That’s right. There are many uses for dryer sheets aside from knocking the static out of loads of bedsheets or towels. Take a look at some of the amazing ways you can use dryer sheets outside of the laundry room.

Dusting With Dryer Sheets

Of course, dryer sheets are known for their ability to “soften” fabrics by taming static electricity. Well, those same properties can come in handy when you’re cleaning dust or fuzz off of household items. Some other uses for dryer sheets include:
  • Wiping down television screens and computer monitors
  • Cleaning the blades of your ceiling fans
  • Getting rid of dust on your baseboards, windowsills or mini-blinds
  • Removing pet hair from furniture
  • Clearing dust off of tables, sideboards, bookshelves and other wooden furnishings

Using Dryer Sheets to Clean Up Spills

Have you ever knocked over a shaker of baby powder or dropped a bag of flour on the kitchen floor? If so, the sheer thought of cleaning these fine messes can cause a mini-panic attack. Well, there’s no need to cry over spilled powder any longer! The same properties that help dryer sheets tackle static make them amazing helpers when you’re cleaning up dry spills.

Bathroom Cleaning Uses for Dryer Sheets

Aside from the occasional rogue square falling out of a bath towel, most people probably never think of dryer sheets when they’re in the bathroom. Believe it or not, you can put them to work in this part of your home, too. Here’s how:
  • Wiping dust from cabinets, vanity ledges, toilet tanks and the base of the commode
  • Buffing bathroom mirrors
  • Polishing chrome fixtures in the shower or on the sink
  • Scrubbing soap scum from tile and shower doors
  • Cleaning makeup or beard clippings from the sink basin

A Few Other Dryer Sheet Uses

These little squares can also be helpful when you’re in a rush to leave the house, whether you’re headed to work, a play date or dinner with friends. Here are some ways dryer sheets can lend a hand in a pinch:
  • Cleaning pet hair from clothes
  • Getting rid of the static that results in skirts clinging to stockings and shirts sticking to cardigans
  • Taming flyaway hairs
  • Erasing deodorant marks on clothing
  • Wiping smudges from your glasses
From cleaning up powder spills and removing the dust on computer monitors to making deodorant marks disappear and scouring shower doors, upcycled dryer sheets have many helpful uses around the home.

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