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Prepare for Cold Season with These Cleaning Tips | Merry Maids®

Every year, millions of kids and adults will get the common cold – and while these pesky little bugs usually vanish within a 7-day period, a cold can still put a serious cramp in your fall style. If you’re interested in common cold prevention this fall, one of the best ways to keep your family healthy and active is to disinfect your house with the proper tools.

With Merry Maids, you don’t have to wonder whether a surface is truly clean. While we can’t promise that you’ll be able to avoid your annual cold or flu, we can promise to deliver an exceptional cleaning service. Restoring balance to your space is what we do, so making sure you get the results that you can see and feel is what matters most to us.

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What Kills Cold and Flu Germs?

The germs that cause sore throats and runny noses are highly contagious, and once contracted, they tend to linger on surfaces throughout your house. It’s impossible to tell for sure when bacteria has been eliminated, but by using effective high-strength cleaning products, you may be able to reduce the total number of pathogens in your home.

Here are a few household cleaning agents that can sanitize your fabrics and other surfaces:

  • Bleach. Bleach isn’t a very good cleaning agent, but when diluted, it’s an excellent disinfectant for hard surfaces such as doorknobs. To keep your home germ-free, try diluting bleach with water and rubbing it lightly into faucet handles and other touch-heavy zones. Bleach can also be used in your washing machine to disinfect washable children’s toys.
  • Steam. Did you know that heat is one of the best ways to eliminate germs? Using a hand-held steam cleaner, you can remove viruses from many different fabric surfaces such as your couch or your pillowcase, taking care to not damage any of the fabrics. You can also steam your clothes if you’re worried about exposure to a particular virus.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Another great disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide is fairly gentle and non-abrasive compared to other disinfectant types. It’s also most effective when paired with vinegar. Give your hard surfaces a wash with household cleaning vinegar, and then spray them down with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. When combined, these two will kill up to 80% of all germs.
  • Granite cleansers. Granite is a porous surface, which means it is prone to trapping germs and dirt. Unfortunately, using vinegar or bleach here will damage your expensive countertops and cause them to become dull. To disinfect a granite countertop, either create a half-and-half solution of water and isopropyl alcohol, or purchase a special “granite cleanser” at the store.

How to Disinfect Your House After an Illness

Thankfully, although germs can live on surfaces, they tend to die out within a 24-hour period. That means the most likely cause of your next cold will come directly from person-to-person contact. It also means you’ll need to sanitize your house thoroughly when your little one falls ill, to avoid continual “cold cycles” between kids.

Here are a few areas where you should pay special attention after an illness:

  • Bed sheets and pajamas. It may sound obvious, but it’s important to clean all bed sheets, pillows, and pajamas thoroughly, as these stay in continual contact with sick bodies. Most standard laundry detergents should kill the germs, especially if you use the hot water setting on your washer.
  • End tables. Sticky hands and cups are placed on bedroom end tables when your child is home sick all day, so don’t forget to wipe down this area with a disinfectant spray regularly.
  • Coffee tables and remotes. Most sick kids (and adults) will head to the living room to watch TV or play games while they rest – and your coffee table may end up littered with contaminated tissues as a result. Be sure to wear gloves when picking up debris, and then sanitize the coffee table and any entertainment remotes.
  • Kitchen utensils. A standard dishwasher will kill most of the germs lingering on used kitchen utensils, but if you’re hand washing, they’ll need special attention. Try dipping dishes and utensils in a diluted bleach-and-water solution before vigorously scrubbing with soap.

A Clean You Can Count On

Still not sure if your home is fully clean? At Merry Maids®, our time-tested techniques will ensure that every nook and cranny of your home retains its sparkle. When you commit to regular cleanings, we’ll help you maintain the cleanliness of your home over time, and ensure that dust and debris don’t pile up – thus cutting off a major source of residual pathogens. Whether you’re taking preventive action against cold season or sanitizing your house in the aftermath, we’ve got you covered.

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