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Should You Use Dishwashing Gloves

To glove or not to glove? That’s the question that many people have asked themselves as they’ve started on a pile of dinner plates or prepared to tackle heavy-duty cleaning chores. But do you really need to use gloves for dishwashing or cleaning? It might not be a bad idea. Whether you don’t have a dishwasher or prefer cleaning plates and glasses by hand as you use them, there are benefits to wearing gloves for washing dishes or taking care of other household duties.

Learn some of the ways dishwashing gloves can help you out, as well as a few tips for using them and finding the best cleaning gloves for you.

Cleaning Gloves Protect Your Hands

The point of wearing gloves for washing dishes or cleaning, of course, is to protect your hands, and they actually do a great job of this on many levels. For starters, dishwashing gloves can offer a certain amount of protection from sharp objects you might be washing. If you have a cut, blister or burn, gloves can keep already sensitive skin from getting more irritated. And if you have a cleaning job that involves harsh chemicals or skin irritants, dishwashing gloves can help limit your hands’ exposure.

Wearing Gloves Can Prevent Dishpan Hands

Remember all those commercials about the dreaded dishpan hands? Well, they really do exist. Spend enough time working in hot water with bare hands and even the gentlest of soap and you’ll wind up with dry, cracked skin, frayed cuticles and nails that are frail and unsightly. And this isn’t just a matter of aesthetics: Dishpan hands are downright painful. Wearing gloves while doing the dishes is an easy way to spare yourself this discomfort.

Other Times Gloves Come in Handy

If you have sensitive skin or just don’t like the idea of coming into direct contact with cleaning products, you can wear gloves for many household chores. Here’s a small sampling of the myriad housekeeping tasks for which gloves can be useful.
Note: Never use the same gloves for washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom. In fact, it’s a smart idea to use a different pair of gloves for each household chore. Good thing they come in many colors so you know which to use when and where!

How to Pick the Best Cleaning Gloves for You

The first thing you need to consider when looking for the best dishwashing gloves is whether you have a latex allergy. Many pairs are made from this material, so you’ll want to check all labels carefully. Fortunately, there are plenty of latex-free cleaning gloves on the market, so you’ll still have a nice selection to choose from.

Other factors to consider include how sensitive your skin and what sort of glove will be the most comfortable for you. People with easily irritated skin, for example, may want to opt for gloves with a gentle cotton or fabric lining. Those looking for extra comfort might find that the best dishwashing gloves for their needs are lined with moisture-wicking foam or have long sleeves to prevent water from seeping in.

As you can see, there are many perks to using gloves for washing dishes or other household chores, so consider tossing on a pair the next time you’re getting ready to clean after dinner or tackle a major task.

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