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Top Ways to Keep Your Floors Clean

Day after day they’re walked on, crawled on, and even spilt on — we’re talking, of course, about your floors! So it makes sense that floors are usually the hardest things to keep clean in your home.

If dirt and other unidentifiable grime keep making their way into your home, we’ve got a few tips that will help keep your floors sparkling clean.

Welcome Mats are More than a Greeting

Every beautiful doorway has a quirky welcome mat at its feet nowadays, and for good reason. While they certainly add a touch of fun to your entryway, they also serve an important purpose — cleaning off the bottom of your shoes before you walk inside. Especially if you have little ones, encourage everyone to use the welcome mat each time they walk inside.

Institute a “Shoes off at the Door” Rule

Kicking your shoes off the moment you walk inside is perhaps the best way to keep any floor clean, but especially carpet. If your shoes are particularly dirty (think gardening, snowy days, rainy days, etc.), take them off just before walking in and carry them through the house in a plastic bag until you can sit down and clean them.

Keep a Small Vacuum Handy

Spills are inevitable, so the trick is to clean them up fast. Especially if it’s a dry spill, like cereal or dirt, you want to get everything up quickly so that no one steps in it and makes an even bigger mess. Nowadays, most small vacuums are powerful enough to work through basic spills, but compact enough to fit in small closets and cupboards.

Manage Your Humidity

Too much moisture can warp wood floors or contribute to mold growth underneath. Whenever you clean, make sure to dry wet floors and surfaces right away. If you live in a particularly humid region, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier.

Understand How to Clean Your Type of Floor

There are a lot of different types of floors out there and if you’re cleaning your floor incorrectly, you may be doing more harm than good.

While each of these tips will help cut down on your daily cleaning time, they can’t replace the benefits of a deep clean every few weeks. If a hectic schedule leaves you little time to clean, contact your local Merry Maids for professional help!