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Seasonal Cleaning

Organize Gift Wrapping

It’s one thing to hang festive decorations for the holidays, but it’s quite another when your home looks like a gift wrapping company exploded inside of it. Ribbon on the countertops. Tissue paper waving in the corner. Tape stuck to everything. That’s no way to live your best life. 

Find some inspiration on how to organize gift bags and wrapping paper with the following gift wrap storage ideas.

Store Gift Wrapping Supplies by Making Use of Odd Spaces

The size, shape and weight of wrapping paper means you can get creative when it comes to gift wrap storage. Here are some tricks you can try:
  • Hang them on the back of closet doors using wrapping paper holders or repurposed shoe racks.
  • Make use of closet ceiling space by stringing several strands of wire or sturdy twine from closet walls on either side. Slide the wrapping paper onto the “shelves” you’ve created.
  • Store wrapping paper from exposed ceiling beams of a climate-controlled basement or attic by using ridged two-hole conduit straps to fasten dowels to the joists. Just lay the paper rolls on the dowels, and you’re good to go.
  • Place tension rods into corners or oddly shaped closets. You can store gift wrapping supplies on these by sliding wrapping paper rolls over them (like you would toilet paper) or hanging the handles of gift bags from them.

Create Gift Wrap Storage Using Baskets, Bags, Boxes and Bins

Whether you intend to have gift wrapping supplies out in the open or prefer to tuck them away somewhere out of sight, there are numerous containers you can rely on, including:
  • Spare chest-of-drawers
  • An actual gift wrap organizer that you can purchase (There are a variety of different styles.)
  • A shallow, decorative cardboard box that you can place ribbons and decorative washi tapes in (Arrange them spine up, so it’s easy to find the roll you’re after.)
  • Large wicker baskets
  • A decent-sized, attractive mesh trash bin or a canvas laundry basket

Upcycle and Repurpose Items for Gift Wrap Storage

Many people overlook some of the easiest options when trying to figure out how to organize gift bags and wrapping paper. Here are some cool hacks that will make storing gift wrap a snap:
  • Cut old toilet paper or paper towel tubes lengthwise and place these over rolls of wrapping paper to keep them from unravelling.
  • Turn an old wooden stool upside down and use it for storing tubes of gift wrap. You can also hang hooks over the rungs for holding gift bags, ribbon or scissors. (Bonus points if you decorate it or paint it a fun color so your gift wrap storage hack can be displayed in the craft room all year.)
  • Store gift bags and tissue paper in wall-mounted filing bins or magazine holders.
  • Invest in a personal shopping basket with wheels or a utility cart and use this to store and transport all things gift wrap.
  • Use upcycled mason jars to hold scissors, gift tags, ribbon, twine, stickers and any other small items.

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