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Seasonal Cleaning

6 Tips To Better Closet Storage

April’s showers have passed, and along with flowers, May brings spring cleaning. Haven’t started yet? Well, it’s a great day to declutter those special spaces that can often become black holes. That’s right, it’s time to clean out your closets.

If you’re panicking or trying to come up with reasons why you should put off this chore, it may help to know that maintaining a clutter-free closet is as easy as having a few good organization ideas. Here are six quick tips that can help you get your spring clean underway. Even better, they’ll help you maintain an organized closet and home throughout the year.

1. Set a Solid Plan

You’ll be more inclined to tackle spring cleaning if you make it a solid plan and priority. Otherwise, you might find yourself caving to avoidance by setting your closet organization plans aside every week. Next thing you know, it’ll be spring again. And you’ll still have cluttered closets.

So to avoid getting swept up in a vicious cycle of procrastination, chart your spring cleaning organization tasks on your calendar. Doing so is like making a written promise to yourself. It also cements the plan in your mind. Additionally, nothing will feel better than crossing off “closet organization” on your calendar once the task is completed.

2. Declutter Your Wardrobe Closet

To maximize your closet storage space, you need to do a bit of purging.

Start by going through clothes and shoes, and get rid of those you never wear anymore. A good rule of thumb is to toss out or donate anything you haven’t worn in over a year. This goes for the linen closet, as well. The ratty towels you’re clinging to even though you just bought a new set? Say goodbye to those or cut them up to use as rags for cleaning.

Next, pack away seasonal items. Store bulky winter sweaters and coats in boxes you can roll under the bed. Or, to really see your space increase, use vacuum-sealed storage bags for items you won’t be using for a while.

3. Shed Some Light on Closet Storage

Many closets are dimly lit, if they’re lit at all. And closet organization is much more helpful if you can actually see what you’re looking for.

Replace light bulbs that have been burnt out for years with a wattage that’s bright enough for you to see what’s in your closet. If you don’t have a light source in your wardrobe, add an adhesive LED touch light or two, so you can illuminate the space as you piece together outfits for yourself or the kids.

4. Embrace the Power of Color Coding

Color coding is one of those organization ideas that never goes out of fashion. And while it may seem like overkill to some, it can definitely save you a lot of time when it comes to finding clothes in your wardrobe closet.

For example, say you’re absolutely sure that you want to wear your green blouse with your black pants tomorrow. If your closet organization doesn’t include color coding, you’ll have to shuffle through hanger after hanger until you find the two items you’re looking for. However, if you have color coded your closet storage, you cut back your search time significantly by going straight to the greens and then the blacks.

And if you really get into your home decluttering, you can improve on this idea and further sort items based on sleeve length or whether they’re classified as casual, formal or professional.

5. Use Space Wisely

You can increase the amount of closet storage you have by making the most out of available surfaces. One of the cardinal sins of closet organization is underutilizing walls, shelves and floor space. Here are some organization ideas for using your closet efficiently and effectively:

  • Add shelves on the sides of your closet or under hanging clothes
  • Use wall space or the back of the closet door to hang jewelry, purses, scarves or neckties
  • Hang bulky items like suitcases over the door on the inside of the closet
  • Install a second rod for hanging smaller items, like shorts or even shoes
  • Maximize hanging space by cascading clothes with add-on hangers
  • Declutter closet floors and put high shelves back in regular rotation with a collapsible stepstool
  • Make use of a clothes organizer on shelves to maximize space

6. Maximize Space With Containers

Containers are an excellent means of making the most out of any space. Try clear shoe containers in your wardrobe closet to open up the floor. As an added bonus, you’ll no longer have to rummage around the bottom of the closet to find a matching pair. You can also use storage containers in your linen closet to separate different bedding sets or store guest towels when they’re not in use.

And closets aren’t the limit when containers are involved. You’ll find your kitchen organization possibilities are taken to a new level. You can declutter the cabinet under the sink—and avoid gooey spills—by using plastic tubs to hold cleaning supplies. Or attach magazine holders to the inside of cabinet doors to store your dish soap, scrubbing brushes, cooking sprays and more.

Tired of rummaging through drawers for a spatula or quart-sized storage bags? Dividers can save you time and prevent those annoying finger injuries that occur when you get trapped in the grasps of a whisk or brush up against the sharp edge of aluminum foil boxes. The organization that comes with a few containers are virtually limitless.

Now you’re armed with the organization ideas you need to fully declutter those closets. And once that’s done, you may find you have a touch of spring cleaning fever. Keep your momentum in full swing with these professional organization and cleaning tips.