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Thoughtful Cleaning Gifts For Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to come up with gift ideas for mom. If you’re old enough to read this, it probably means your days of giving her paintings of your handprints or homemade ashtrays are long gone. However, there are some things that you can give your mother, aside from a bouquet of flowers or another “WORLD’S BEST MOM” coffee mug.

Take a look at the following thoughtful gifts for mom.

1. Cook Dinner (and Clean Up Afterwards)

It’s absolutely a great idea to cook dinner for your mom on Mother’s Day. However, your thoughtfulness only goes so far if you leave her with a pile of dirty pans and dishes. Make your efforts count by treating mom to a meal and letting her unwind afterwards. Take the time to wash all of the dishes, and clean the kitchen when you finish, too.

2. Organize the Pantry or Garage

Is your mom always complaining about the state of the garage? Or maybe she says she can never find anything in her pantry? Take care of that problem for her by spending a day cleaning out and organizing one (or both) of these areas. That way, each time your mother pulls into the garage or reaches in the pantry for a can of beans, she’ll think of you and the thought you put into making her life easier.

3. Wash All the Bedding in the Home

Few things feel better than climbing into a clean bed with crisp sheets at the end of a long day. However, washing bed linens can be a time-consuming chore, especially if there are duvets and blankets that have to be taken to the laundromat or dry cleaners. Save your mom the time and effort and clean all of the home’s bedding for her. While you’re at it, consider organizing the linen closet. In addition to the gift of extra time, you’ll be giving mom a fresh and cozy bed to unwind in after her day of being celebrated.

4. Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

Whether your mom is 5’2”, no longer able to climb stepstools or just too busy to clean hard-to-reach places, she’s sure to appreciate having cobweb-free corners and ceiling fans that aren’t coated in dust. Enlist some help to steady your ladder, and make mom’s light fixtures sparkle or clean off the top of her kitchen cabinets for her.

5. Give Mom a Housecleaning Gift Certificate

If cleaning isn’t your forte (or you know mom will just go behind you and clean again), then give your mother a Merry Maids gift certificate. That way, your mom can reap the benefits of professional housecleaning while she spends time doing something she enjoys, such as going to the movies or having a day out with friends. Bonus points if you take mom out for lunch or a spa day while Merry Maids professionals work their magic in the house.

Ready to make your mom feel like the rock star she is on her special day? Contact your local Merry Maids office to schedule her surprise clean.