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Why Acts of Service Make the Best Valentine's Day Gifts

It’s no secret that we all show and receive love in different ways – and on Valentine’s Day, those differences should be reflected in the gifts we choose for our significant others. While some people prefer more traditional gifts like fine jewelry, others prefer shared experiences, like romantic getaway vacations. For many people, however, the ultimate gift is an act of service.

When Are Acts of Service Most Appreciated?

For years, psychologists have used the five love languages model to help couples understand each other and develop deeper bonds. The theory goes that each person has a preferred way of receiving love from others, and it doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. One of these five love languages is called “acts of service,” which means that the individual feels most loved when their family member or partner takes care of daily responsibilities for them. The motto for people who love acts of service could best be stated as “actions speak louder than words,” and for them, nothing is better than a thoughtful deed.

Acts of service can include:

· Cooking their favorite meal

· Taking out the garbage (or doing a disliked chore)

· Mowing the lawn for them

· Cleaning their room

· Fixing a problem around the house

· Running errands for them

Of course, acts of service aren’t just appreciated by those who have it as their primary love language. In any relationship, both partners should perform regular acts of service for one another to keep the relationship alive – and to ensure that their shared living space is well cared for.

How Service Can Make a Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

It can be difficult to come up with a different gift idea every Valentine’s Day, especially if your partner isn’t that interested in traditional gifts like flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. Instead of going with the classics this year, why not try performing some acts of service for them instead? Even if you’re not sure of their specific love language, acts of service can be a surprising and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day, and you may be shocked to find out how much it means to your partner.

Here are a few great service-themed ideas for Valentine’s Day:

· Serve them breakfast in bed. A simple way to express your love (and show off your cooking skills!), breakfast in bed is a romantic staple for a reason. Take time to craft a menu that your significant other will love and plan to have it ready by a certain time on Valentine’s Day. Add a vase of flowers and a well-set tray, and you’ll set the tone for a surprising day.

· Take on household responsibilities for them. Does your partner hate making appointments over the phone? Do they dread picking up and going through the mail every day? Take some time to think about all their current household responsibilities and proactively offer to lighten their load over the next few weeks.

· Hire a professional helper. Whether it’s house cleaning, meal planning and preparation, or mowing the lawn, sometimes the best gift is professional-quality service. When you make the decision to delegate these tasks out to someone else, a professional is often the best option!

Give Your Loved One the Gift of Time

By gifting your loved one with cleaning services from Merry Maids®, you not only give them something unique that they’ll appreciate: You give them the gift of time. Whether they’d prefer to use that time for something romantic, personal, or practical, it’s a great way to show that you care and understand their needs.

With time-tested cleaning methods and a commitment to delivering the perfect clean, our team will help you create the perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and beyond. No matter if you give them regular cleaning service or a much-needed one-time clean, we’ll be there to help them reclaim some “me time.”

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