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Declutter Your Bedroom

Decluttering your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you walked into your bedroom and wondered if a tiny bull had run rampant inside. We’ve all let a little clutter build up in our rooms from time to time. But the dangerous thing about clutter is that when it’s left unchecked, it can become a full-on disaster.

We’re willing to bet that you probably don’t want to spend an entire weekend cleaning up your bedroom because you let your clutter get out of control. Take a look at three quick organization ideas that can help you effectively declutter on a daily basis.

Clean up after yourself

It seems like such a simple task, yet it’s so often impossible to accomplish. But unless you clean up after yourself and put away things, your bedroom is going to be a nightmare. Here are some examples of how you can declutter simply by putting things back where they belong:
  • Take glasses and mugs to the kitchen when you’re finished drinking
  • Return books and magazines to the bookshelf or magazine rack when you’re done with them
  • Stow fitness equipment like weights, yoga mats and resistance bands after workouts
  • Put away the 15 sweaters you pulled out of storage while looking for your favorite sweatshirt
Think about it: Each one of these tasks takes no more than a few minutes to accomplish. Better to spend a few minutes to declutter and organize your room now, than a few hours cleaning it up in the future, right?

Tidy up your clothes

Rogue clothing is one of the main culprits you’ll face when trying to declutter. You return from your pre-work bike ride, and throw your shorts and socks on your desk chair. After showering, you toss your towel on the bedroom floor. Then you can’t decide what to wear to work, so you try on seven shirts and leave six of them on your bed. You see where this is going.

Save yourself major time in the long run by taking a few seconds to tidy up your clothes now. Start with putting the dirty bike clothes and towels in the hamper where they belong. Then move on to the discarded wardrobe choices. In a couple of swift movements, place the clothes back on their hangers, where they can wait to be rejected another workday. Get into a routine in which you don’t even leave your pajamas strewn on the bed. Rather, fold them neatly and put them in a drawer or install an “emergency” hook on the inside of your closet door and hang them there. You’ll be glad you did when you no longer have to search your bedroom floor to figure out what’s clean and what’s dirty.

Throw away bedroom trash

There are snack wrappers, half-empty bottles of water, clothing tags, receipts and so forth. The list could go on for days, and when trash starts to accumulate, it can quickly spiral out of control. Make sure trash gets tossed where it belongs—the trash can. And if you have a wastebasket in your room, empty it weekly so it doesn’t become a new source of potential messiness.

A little bit of cleaning up each day can do a lot of damage control. In addition, it really isn’t that time consuming. Not to mention the massive amounts of time it can save you in the future. So starting today, make decluttering a part of your daily routine. Your future self will thank you.

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