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Get Rid Of Dog Hair And Pet Odor

There’s no denying that puppies are adorable. Their paws are too big for their bodies, making them trip and tumble as they run to greet you. And they’re always ecstatic when you get home. However, having a puppy can make your home an absolute mess of dog hair, dog odor and pet urine.

Dealing with pet-related cleaning can be pretty stressful. But when you plan on adopting or buying a puppy, you know that dog hair and housebreaking are two of the less cute aspects of the package. Take a look at the following four tips to help you prevent and clean up your pup’s messes.


Having a puppy means dealing with dog hair on the carpeting, the furniture and your clothes. The first step to living fuzz-free with a pet dog is investing in a lint roller. Additionally, regular visits to the dog groomer, or daily brushing can help keep pet hair at bay when your pup is shedding more. However, to keep dog hair in check on a long-term basis, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and do some regular vacuuming. You may also want to consider buying a pet sponge—a dry sponge that’s helpful in removing pet hair from places the vacuum won’t reach.


When your puppy has an accident on the carpet or floor, it’s crucial to clean the pet urine as soon as you can. Your pup’s sense of smell is much better than yours. It will be able to tell where it left you a “gift,” and will return to the scene of the crime over and over again. To prevent this unfortunate chain of events, you need to use floor or carpet cleaners called “bacteria/enzyme digesters.” You can find these online and at most pet stores. Check the bottle before you start cleaning, as your solution may need to be diluted.


To maximize the benefits of floor and carpet cleaners, you need to take the proper steps in cleaning up puppy messes:

  • Toss poos and blot up pet urine with absorbent materials like paper towels or coffee filters. Repeat until no more liquid shows up on the towel or filter.
  • Read the directions on your bacteria/enzyme cleaner, and apply to the stained area in order to effectively remove both the mess and pet odor.
  • Press plastic firmly over the affected area. Keep applying pressure so floor and carpet cleaners really get in there.
  • Leave the plastic on the stained spot for the instructed amount of time.If your pet dog hits the same spot often, you’ll want to neutralize the pet odor. Mix one cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water and apply to the stained patch of floor or carpet. Afterwards, apply another round of bacteria/enzyme carpet cleaner .


Whether you stay at home with the kids or work in an office, you lead a busy life. And as much as you love your pet dog, you may find you just don’t have the time to clean up after it and maintain regular housekeeping. Naturally, you don’t want your house to reek of dog odor. If this scenario sounds familiar, think about hiring professional cleaning services. A maid service can provide the routine upkeep (check with your local cleaning company to determine if cleaning after pets is available) you need, so you can tackle pet messes without sacrificing cleanliness throughout the house.

The memories you have of your pet dog being a puppy shouldn’t be tied to stained carpets and a house filled with pet odor and dog hair. Use these tips to help prevent and clean up pet messes, so you can enjoy being a dog owner without sacrificing the integrity of your home.