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Organizing Kids Toys

Most parents know the joy of tripping over a stuffed animal and the excruciating pain of stepping on a building block with bare feet. Kids’ toys have a way of slowly taking over your home. But teddy bears and stacking cups are par for the course when you have children or babies, so you can’t exactly chuck them out.

What you can do, however, is learn how to organize kids’ toys so that you can reclaim your home. Here are some tips to help you out.

Find Ways to Make Storage Fun

Kids are more apt to use storage if it’s not boring, so get creative with toy containers. For example, you could repurpose old dresser drawers or suitcases to make fun under-bed storage for kids’ rooms. You can also order storage boxes decorated with bright animals and cartoons.

And if you really want to figure out how to organize kids’ toys in a way that will encourage them to clean, bring another toy into the room…sort of. Hang a hungry monster laundry bag from the wall or door, and have kids use it to hold plush toys. You can find plenty of sewing patterns and hungry monster kits online with a quick Internet search.

Dedicate a Wall (or Part of One) to Toy Storage

Kids need structure and it can be hard for them to focus on putting toys away when stuffed animals go on one side of the room, while coloring books go on the other. Make it easy for them by assigning a wall or corner area to their toys, games and books. Install cubby shelves with baskets, so that children have a place to tuck plush pals away at night.

Additionally, invest in a pocket bookshelf, on which the covers of the books face outward allowing kids to enjoy the colorful illustrations. Take this idea to the next level by hanging your kids’ artwork on the toy wall using baker’s twine and clothespins.

Get Rubber Ducks in a Row with Bathtub Organization

Organizing toys in a small space like a bathroom can be a challenge, but it’s definitely not impossible. One thing you want to keep in mind as you think about how to organize toys used in the bathtub is that you’ll need storage that allows items to drip dry and lets water drain. Fasten adhesive hooks to the shower wall and hang mesh bags — like the kind that hold citrus fruit — from these.

Alternatively, you can install a tension rod alongside your shower wall. Use shower hooks to hang several small milk crate-type bins — these will drain well so you won't have to worry about mildew as much — from the rod, so your kids can simply reach up and toss toys in when bath time is up.

Make Toys Disappear in Common Areas

Many parents keep some toys or games in the living room or family room. Playthings usually end up there anyways, so why not, right? If you’re wondering how to organize kids’ toys in rooms where you may have company, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a fairly simple solution: curtains! Keep firetrucks, board games and other toys contained in baskets or bins set on a bookshelf. Then, install a tension rod on the top shelf and hang a patterned fabric shower curtain or curtain panel from this. That’s all it takes to keep those toys out of sight and mind.

Organizing children’s belongings is one thing; keeping the house neat is another animal. You may find these tips on washing baby toys and cleaning with children helpful.

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