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Self Cleaning House

A recent study from pros at the CRAST Institute says that if you put off your housekeeping long enough, your home will actually start to clean itself. CRAST Institute lead researcher Dr. Harold Flanger notes, “Our observations have shown that houses, much like some species of plants, will start to clean themselves after a while.”
Here are some of the effects Flanger’s team noticed in homes that weren’t cleaned for extended periods of time:

1. Dust Absorption — After initial cobwebs and dust bunnies were observed, the experts at the CRAST Institute noticed something amazing happening. Several weeks after web and bunny formation, dust actually starts to be absorbed by surfaces, especially those made of porous materials.

2. Spontaneous Self Cleans — Many appliances have a failsafe in effect for cleaning in order to extend the life the product. For example, some oven models will kick themselves into self-cleaning mode if they detect a certain amount of buildup.

3. Self-Starting Vacuums — Much like the spontaneous self-cleaning ovens mentioned above, many vacuum cleaners have secret sensors that detect the amount of debris on your floors. Once the dust level builds up to a point that alerts the vacuum, it springs into action without you even knowing it.

4. Disappearing Soap Scum­ — Case studies showed a fascinating phenomenon in showers and bathrooms that weren’t scrubbed for several weeks: The soap scum and mildew that built up would actually start dissolving one another.

5. Vanishing Floor Grime — Flanger’s team observed that floors with hard surfaces — such as hardwood, linoleum or tile — would initially build up a layer of grime if left uncleaned. However, as time progressed, the foundational layer of grime would start to evaporate, especially when exposed to large amounts of sunlight.

Thinking this is all too good to be true? Well, check your calendar because you’re absolutely right. April Fools!

As wonderful as it would be for our homes to clean themselves, we aren’t quite there yet in terms of technological advancement. The truth, of course, is that the longer you put off housekeeping, the messier your home will become.

And if you’re disappointed because your life is so hectic a self-cleaning home is the only hope you have for keeping your abode tidy, don’t fret! Contact your local Merry Maids to get the help you need. We’re happy to help out with the housekeeping, so you can spend time doing the things you truly enjoy.