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Our Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Ensuring You Get the Best Clean Each & Every Time

You desire a clean home—but keeping your home clean can be challenging when life gets busy. Those well-loved rooms of your home—including the living room—are especially challenging to clean thanks to all the toys and abandoned shoes laying around and other appliances and furniture that need to be cleaned. Merry Maids® offers living room cleaning services designed just for your needs. If you simply do not have time to keep your living spaces cleaned, turn to the experts. We're here to help you every week, every month, or whenever life gets too hectic.

What Our Living Room Cleaning Checklist Entails

When you sign up for our living room cleaning services, you'll benefit from deep cleaning that is left to right and top to bottom. No area of the room will be overlooked. The following living room cleaning checklist offers a glimpse of everything that our team will clean in your home.

  • Removing cobwebsCobwebs frequently appear in corners of the living room, whether they're located where the wall meets the ceiling or where the wall meets the floor. We'll eliminate cobwebs everywhere in the room, even those hidden under furniture.
  • Dusting—Dust can accumulate on many surfaces in the living room. Whether it's covering a tabletop, the ceiling fan blades, window treatments, or various knick-knacks around the room, dust can be a problem. Our team will thoroughly clean surfaces to eliminate dust. Lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves, and baseboards will all be dusted in your living room as well.
  • Reaching into corners and under furnitureDust, dirt, and debris tend to accumulate in hidden spaces under sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Our team will use cleaning tools to navigate into crevices, corners, and the hiding places where dust, lint, and clutter can get trapped.
  • Tidying central featuresLiving rooms often have a fireplace, TV/entertainment center, or bookshelf where the attention of the room is directed. We will make sure these areas are carefully dusted and organized so that the room is ready for hosting company.
  • Cleaning floors—Whether your living room features carpets, hardwood, tile, or a combination of flooring, we'll leave them crumb-free and sparkling clean. Our team will vacuum all carpets and rugs. We'll wash all floors, regardless of their surface, and wood floors will also be dried to ensure they look their best.
  • Vacuuming furniture and dusting leather—Your living room sofa and chairs might attract crumbs, pet dander, and dust. Our living room cleaning services include vacuuming all furniture to eliminate this buildup.
  • Finishing touches Our work isn't done there. Your living room cleaning will also include emptying any wastebaskets to ensure every surface in the home is free of buildup, debris, and dust. Lamps and coffee tables will get dusted or wiped down. We will also pick up and straighten to make sure every inch of your space looks orderly.

The list above is by no means static. If you have special considerations or preferences, you can always speak with a Merry Maids house cleaner when they arrive or over the phone. We will happily accommodate your unique home as much as possible.

If you need help keeping your gathering space clean, Merry Maids® is here to offer detailed cleaning services for your living room. Contact us today at (888) 490-4227 for a free estimate.

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