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Our People at Merry Maids of Poulsbo

Jonathan and Jennifer Campbell are the local owners of Merry Maids of Poulsbo. Although they come with excellent credentials, they are best known for their passion to seeing people, families and communities thrive. They were recently awarded the national Dot Hynes Award, also known as the ‘Best Boss’ award. This award is well deserved, and I believe our staff say it best . . .

They are wonderful employers and always do their best to serve their employees. They are very down to earth and caring.”

“I see Jennifer and Jonathan to be great examples of what it means to genuinely care for the well-being of others. They lead with kindness and see the best in everyone. They thrive on learning and growing which trickles down to the employees at Merry Maids. My experience being an employee at Merry Maids has always felt like I am working alongside Jennifer and Jonathan and not working for them. They encourage and invite all to join in being part of their team; they are open to hearing ideas and problem solving together.

One of the most exciting and scariest things in my life has been becoming a mother and then a "working" mother. When I came back from my maternity leave, Jennifer and Jonathan understood my work life would be different. They have walked with me regarding balancing my work life and being a new mom. For that I am grateful and it has made a huge difference in my life. No other employer will be able to compete with the kindness and care the Campbells create in their company.” – Linda S.

‘They lead with genuine intention to better the lives of their teams, clients, and everyone they meet.’

“Merry Maids has helped me grow in more ways than one. The biggest change is my confidence. When starting this job I was very shy and kept to myself and was always so unsure about what I was doing, whether my quality was up to standards. Now look at me, I'm an Area Captain!” – BaileyM.

"Jennifer and Jonathon Campbell have made an impact on my life both professionally and personally in so many ways, it's hard to pick one event or moment! At the beginning of my employment with Merry Maids I was a new mom trying to find her place, they accepted this with open hearts, minds, and arms. Jennifer always took the time to listen, support, and offer advice. She opened her heart to my daughter and always made sure to ask about her. Not only did Jennifer take the time but she genuinely showed her love and care for both of us. Jennifer held, played, and cared for my daughter during a holiday event so I could enjoy my time. In that moment I knew I had found a place of employment that didn't feel like work, it felt like home. During the 5 (almost 6!) years I have worked at Merry Maids the Campbell's have not stopped caring or showing their appreciation. Jonathon is calming and "level-headed" this makes any meetings, conversation, or feedback smooth sailing! Jonathon's laughter is contagious and it's awesome that he is always willing to take the time to laugh with us. It's wonderful being able to enjoy not only your workplace but those who surround you at your workplace. I thank the Campbell's for the opportunity to be a part of the amazing Merry Maids team! I hope to share many more years and memories with them and the Merry Maids team. Thank you for all the love, care, commitment, and support you both offer. It means more than words could ever express. " – Desirae P.

“They show interest in all of their employees. And visit all locations even though they are very busy. They are very generous and sweet people.”

“Jonathan and Jennifer focus as much, and actually, more, on our employees than they do on our numbers. People and relationships are what our business is about. They listen to and invest in each employee’s story, making clear each person’s value. Jonathan and Jennifer are committed to seeing people grow. The personal transparency they show each of us regarding their own personal growth is inspiring and creates a safe place for each of us to be real about what our strengths and weaknesses are and what we need. Jonathan and Jennifer are all about growth. If our people are growing, then our business is growing!” – Jodi L.

“Jennifer is a wonderful leader and support for our office. She shows kindness and love towards all office staff and team members. She leads with compassion and makes everyone feel valued and heard. Jennifer has us work together and problems solves with each other as a team. Jennifer has helped me grow as a person and office manager. I value Jennifer and respect her so much!”

Merry Maids of Poulsbo is grateful to be a part of the Cascadia Merry Maids group led by Jennifer and Jonathan since 2021.

Rylie- Teammate