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Move Out Cleaning Services in Syracuse

House Cleaning Near You After Departure or Before Arrival

When it comes to moves, whether local or long-distance, anything that reduces the stress is something worth pursuing. Even a local move down the block can be a considerably stressful experience when all the little details are taken into account.

At Merry Maids of Syracuse, we are available to make your move a little easier with professional move out cleaning services for homes and apartments. Our professional cleaners are trained to approach cleaning systematically, with checklists and step-by-step procedures to ensure that no corner is left untouched. When you hire our team, we will ensure that your home is clean, inviting, and ready for moving in.

Learn more about our professional move-in & move-out cleaning services in Syracuse by calling (315) 715-7137 or contacting us online today!

Apartment Move Out Cleaning Services for Renters

If you are an apartment dweller or live in a multi-family residence, our house cleaning professionals can prepare your space for landlord inspection. Helping you get back any security deposit you can by getting floors, windows and fixtures carefully cleaned is something we work hard at. We will bring your apartment space up to standards as much as possible so that you can focus on packing up.

Apartment Move Out Cleaning for Landlords

If you are a property manager or landlord in Syracuse, you likely have some transitional construction or renovation work to complete on your building in between tenants.

If this is the case, our professional cleaning team can come in after the project is complete and clear out any left over dust, dirt, and trash while vacuuming floors and scrubbing out fixtures.

If you simply need someone to brighten up rooms in between tenants, we can take care of that too.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services for Home Buyers

Like we said earlier, moving into a new household is complicated and stressful. Our team is available to reduce some of the headache of moving by taking care of the cleaning before your move in or after you move out.

We will take the time to focus on cleaning all the unique features of your kitchen, dining space, living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

If you are moving in, you can send us any specific requests or concerns you may have about your new living space so that we can prepare it for your comfort and peace of mind.

Cleaning Questions to Ask Yourself During a Move

Should I declutter before I move?

Moving can be an excellent opportunity to eliminate unwanted items that have been cluttering up your life and adding to your daily mess. Throwing away useless items can also make moving cheaper since moving companies will often charge based on how many items they are moving. You may also want to consider what possessions you can sell for profit or donate to charity if they still have value, but you no longer need them.

Should I use moving into a new home as an opportunity to begin a new organization system?

One of the great things about moving is that it allows for a fresh start. You can set up improved organization so that keeping your home in order is easier over the long term. You may want to consider new ways to set up your closets and storage areas. Investing in organizational tools is something that will also make unpacking and setting up the home an easier process.

Will there be allergens or pet dander in my new home when I arrive?

Most sellers and real estate agents have the courtesy to sweep, vacuum, and clean up living spaces before you arrive. But there is no guarantee that they will have given close attention to eliminating allergens, pathogens, pet dander, and bacteria from surfaces, fabrics, and high-frequency touch points.

Having a professional cleaning team in Syracuse prepare your home with move in cleaning will prevent discomfort from the presence of dust and dander. It will also simplify your list of tasks to accomplish during your relocation.

Call (315) 715-7137 or contact us online to request your free estimate on dependable move-in or move-out cleaning services in Syracuse today!

  • Base Hours: 2 - 4
  • Includes: Dusting, Mopping, Vaccuuming, Windows

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