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Small Office Cleaning Services Near You

As a small business owner and leader, you have a lot on your to-do list. Merry Maids of Woodbridge offers cleaning services for small offices and other businesses, giving you back the time and mental energy to address more important matters. Merry Maids® provides cleaning services for the following types of businesses:

  • Small offices
  • Office and common space areas for apartment and condo complexes
  • Wellness spaces (hair salons, gyms, yoga studios, etc.)

For over 40 years, the name has been trusted by homeowners for reliable, consistent, high-quality cleaning services. Merry Maids® teams bring that same level of service to your place of business.

We can take care of trash removal, clean common spaces such as bathrooms and kitchenettes, and even add on enhanced disinfection services. Let us be your partner in providing your employees and guests with a clean, safe, and healthy space.

Dial (703) 434-3634 or request an estimate to get your office cleaned today!

Office Cleaning Services You Can See & Feel

With more emphasis on cleanliness and hard surface disinfection than ever before, our Merry Maids® cleaning experts provide you with peace of mind, knowing your office or business space has been cleaned by highly trained professionals.

Merry Maids® delivers:

  • Cleaning services customized to your specific needs
  • Optional disinfection services
  • Frequency that fits your business, with weekly and twice-weekly services
  • Flexible scheduling

*Disinfection cleaning is only effective on hard surfaces

Our services are available for offices and business spaces up to 4,000 square feet, allowing us to give your space the care and attention it deserves.

Customized Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

At Merry Maids of Woodbridge, we understand that every business has unique cleaning needs. That's why we offer customized cleaning solutions for small offices in Woodbridge, VA. Our team of professional cleaners will work closely with you to create a cleaning plan that fits your schedule, budget, and specific requirements.

Benefits of our customized cleaning solutions include:

  • Flexible cleaning schedules: We can accommodate your business hours and ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations.
  • Thorough cleaning services: Our experienced cleaners will pay attention to every detail, leaving your office spotless and presentable.
  • Use of eco-friendly products: We prioritize the health and safety of your employees and the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Specialized cleaning techniques: We have the expertise and knowledge to handle different types of surfaces and materials, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.
  • Peace of mind: With Merry Maids of Woodbridge, you can focus on running your business while we take care of keeping your office clean and inviting.

Whether you need regular cleaning services or a one-time deep clean, our team is here to provide reliable and professional cleaning solutions for your small office in Woodbridge, VA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the Merry Maids difference.

Trusted Cleaning Services That Save You Time

As a business owner or manager, you understand the importance of being an expert in your field, and your clients trust in your capability and knowledge.

At Merry Maids®, every one of our team members is expertly trained in our time-tested and proven cleaning methods so you know you’re getting exceptional results every time we visit. Trust us to handle the cleaning so you can focus on the business at hand.

Areas we service:

How often should a small office be cleaned?

Office cleanliness is an important factor of a successful and healthy workplace. For many small offices, it’s beneficial to have them professionally cleaned at least once a week. This can prevent dust, dirt and bacteria from building up and protect staff from allergies or other health issues.

Thoroughly tidying desks after each shift, sweeping floors regularly and washing the kitchen area at the end of each day will also help keep a small office maintained between deep cleans to ensure optimal hygiene standards are upheld throughout the year.

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