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6 Best Places to Donate Clothes and Furniture

As we get closer to a new year, it may be time to purge some of your old furniture, clothes, or the decades of storage items you’ve had locked away since college. After all, one person’s distressed loveseat is another person’s treasure—or so they say. The truth is donating old clothing and furniture clears up space in your home, helps teach your children the importance of giving and generosity, and makes you a bona fide Captain Planet.

In 2018, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that Americans generated around 17 million tons of textiles. Shockingly, that same year, it also found that landfills house 11.3 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW). Additionally, durable goods (the EPA’s definition for products with a lifespan of 3 years or more) made up 25.6% of total landfilling.

Wouldn’t you want to be a part of reducing that much waste in landfills?

In a previous blog post, we recommended creative ways to upcycle your old clothing. Now, we’re giving you the scoop on the best places to donate clothes and furniture to get ready for the new year.

1. Soles4Souls

For the avid shoe collector looking to lighten the load (literally and figuratively), Soles4Souls will happily take gently used athletic shoes. The kicker is your donated footwear will be used to train poverty-stricken communities on how to run a small business reselling shoes. Your donated shoes will also go to families hit by natural disasters around the world. Something as simple as shoes can make a world of difference.

How to Donate

You can either find a drop-off location or ship your used shoes for free. If you don’t have shoes you’re ready to give away, you can also donate monetarily to this important cause.

2. Furniture Bank

The consensus among furniture professionals is that a sofa should last around 7-15 years so long as it’s well cared for. In reality, the average American sofa is about six years old before it’s discarded for something newer (but not necessarily better). The bulkiest furniture such as couches, nightstands, and coffee tables will likely end up in the dumpster—contributing to landfills’ 25.6%—before it ever finds a new home. Let’s make that statistic a thing of the past by donating used furniture to non-profits and charities. A great way to find these organizations is with Furniture Bank, which has created a comprehensive network of furniture charities and non-profit organizations across North America.

How to Donate

Whether you’re in Alberta, Canada, or Central Florida, you can check out the directory and discover local furniture banks near you. Additionally, if you operate a non-profit organization and want to be a part of their network, you can become a member.

3. Habitat for Humanity

Everyone likely recognizes Habitat for Humanity, as they’re most known for building houses for individuals in need.[GU1] The non-profit not only builds homes for communities but also provides items to people in need. Their subsidiary, Habitat ReStore, allows individuals to donate lightly used furniture, appliances, housewares, and even old vehicles. If you have a hard-to-dispose-of item that you’re looking to purge, find a Habitat for Humanity location near you.

How to Donate

With the many ways you can support Habitat for Humanity or Habitat ReStore, there’s no reason why you can’t let go of those building materials sitting in your backyard or your ornate scarf collection circa 2013. Some Habitat Restore locations will even pick up large items for free. You can start a peer-to-peer fundraiser, get your company involved, donate stocks or cryptocurrency, or give your time as a volunteer.


U.S. military veterans are constantly making sacrifices in honor of our country. One way to show appreciation for those sacrifices is to donate large and small items to AMVETS Thrift Stores. The best part is you don’t have to collect everything you want to give away and lug it to a physical store location. AMVETS will pick up your items for you.

How to Donate

Donating to support our veterans and their families is simple. If you live in California, parts of Florida,[GU2] Tennessee, Maryland, and Texas, you can schedule your pick-up, and they will come out to cart it away for you.

5. Jails to Jobs

Organizations like Jails to Jobs help former inmates prepare for life on the outside. Jails to Jobs has created a directory of U.S. non-profits that give professional/job interview clothing to individuals who qualify.

How to Donate

Because Jails to Jobs works with other non-profits across the country, you’ll have to enter your zip code at the bottom of the page to find a location near you. The website will generate a directory of organizations that work in tandem with Jails to Jobs.

6. Buy Nothing Project

Have you ever thought about setting up your own gift economy where you and your neighbors can donate, lend, or borrow much-needed items? Buy Nothing Project is a modern twist on the thrifting and donations model wherein you can reduce personal waste by posting old clothes, furniture, and anything else for people you know and trust to take off your hands. What’s truly unique about the Buy Nothing Project is that you can set up your own virtual community for your neighborhood and grow the spirit of generosity.

How to Donate

You’ll need to first create a Facebook group or another open-source platform for your non-monetized community. Next, you’ll invite people in your neighborhood and inform them of what you’re trying to do. Let them know that they can post items to give away or lend to others. The only stipulations are that no one can sell, barter, or trade, and the founders are adamant about no hate speech or bullying in your community.

Contact the volunteer network with any questions or read the book “Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan” to help you get started.

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