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Fridge Cleaning Services

Interior Fridge Cleaning

Over time, food and liquids will inevitably spill inside your refrigerator’s shelves, racks, and drawers. If you neglect the steady buildup of spills and food debris for too long, the situation can get dire. Fortunately, Merry Maids® is ready to come to the rescue.

Our cleaning specialists can make sure you have a clean place to store and cook your food by removing:

  • Food stains
  • Mold and grime
  • Liquid stains
  • Hardened food particles
  • Mysterious odors
  • Crumbs, dirt, and dust
  • Filthy door crevices
  • Dirty ice machines and water filters

Keeping Your Fridge Clean

A meticulous and thorough fridge cleaning can be quite a task. Let our professional technicians take care of the situation for you.

We will:

  • Clear out your entire fridge to deep clean each nook and cranny
  • Scrub and rinse the shelves, crispers, deli bins, and drawers
  • Wipe down jars and bottles with microfiber towels
  • Help you discard expired food
  • Put everything back neatly and orderly to maximize organization and access
  • Use dynamic cleaning supplies and tools to reach parts of your fridge (gaskets, butter drawers, etc.)
  • Deodorize your refrigerator so that it smells fresh and clean

A detailed cleaning can transform any refrigerator. Our expert cleaning specialists will have your appliance looking sparkling new. We can even come every few months to keep your refrigerator spotless, sanitary, and pristine year-round.

Merry Maids® professional cleaning the outside of a stainless steel fridge

Nevertheless, we recommend taking the following steps to keep your fridge looking spick and span for as long as possible:

  • Clean spills immediately
  • Empty storage containers and remove leftovers
  • Place food in closed Tupperware
  • Check expiration dates regularly and toss out spoiled items
  • Wipe down surfaces, drawers, and handles

To book routine interior appliance cleaning or to learn more about our fridge cleaning services, call (888) 490-4227 or contact us online today!

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