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Creating an In-Home Paint and Sip Party

If you’re like most people, you love a good paint and sip party. And while there are places you could go to that host them, that brings up its own set of challenges: getting a ride to and from the venue, overpriced wine, making a reservation, large class sizes, not getting seats together — you get the point.

Whether you’re hosting a girl's night, bridal shower, or birthday party, paint and sip parties are a fun way to break up the monotony of dinner parties and let your creative juices flow.

1 Month Before

  • Send out invitations. Typically, if one person shows up to a party unexpectedly, you wouldn’t even notice. But for a party like this, having a concrete guest list is so important — if you buy too few materials, someone will be left out and if you buy too many, you’ve wasted your hard-earned money.
  • Choose your video or instructor. Whether you’re going with a free video tutorial you found online or hiring an artist to teach, make sure to pick out the painting you’re replicating in advance. If you want your guests to have a say in what you create, consider adding choices to their invitations.
  • Buy supplies online. Especially if you’re having a large gathering, supplies can quickly add up. Rather than heading to your local craft store (which is usually pricier), shop online for discounted items.

One Week Before

  • Plan your menu. Because you want to be able to enjoy your party as well, prepare your menu and some snacks in advance. And because everyone will be focusing on their masterpieces, we suggest finger foods that can easily be passed around and eaten quickly.
  • Purchase your wine. You can’t have a paint and sip without the wine! If you don’t know exactly what everyone likes, get a variety of small bottles rather than just a few large ones.

The Day Before

  • Give your home a deep clean. Possibly the only downside to a party is the cleaning you have to do before everyone comes (and inevitably messes everything up anyways). And of course, don’t forget to clean your wine glasses!
  • Rearrange furniture. Make room for chairs and easels by moving large pieces of furniture out of the way or to another room.

The Morning of

  • Buy ice. It’s the simplest things that always get forgotten! Just before party time, make sure you buy plenty of ice so that your wine bottles stay chilled all night long.
  • Cover your floors. Protect your floors by laying drop cloths throughout your home. Even if you won’t be painting in a specific room, like the bathroom, it’s best to cover the floors anyway.
  • Set up your supplies. From folding chairs to paints, make sure everything is laid out so that guests can begin gathering supplies and mingling the moment they walk in.

Hosting a party is no easy feat. If your hands are full with dinner menus and decorations, let us help knock one thing off your to-do list. Give Merry Maids a call to learn how we can create a customizable plan for your home and needs!