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Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals

Carpet cleaning is one of those household tasks that can be easily overlooked. And even though your carpeting appears to be standing up to the test of time, there may be something nasty brewing under the surface. Something that could cause a bad odor, affect your family’s health or, in some cases, ruin the floor underneath the carpet.

Even carpets that have been stain treated are susceptible to damage, so you want to deep clean your carpet at least once a year. Here are seven carpet cleaning tips to make the job easier.


Your deep cleaning will be more effective if you maintain your carpeting. That means vacuuming on a regular basis and making sure you jump on spills and stains as soon as they happen. Letting them sit too long can cause long-term discoloration or a bad odor that even the best professional carpet-cleaning machines can’t remove.


Another way to make your annual carpet cleaning a little easier is to protect carpeting in high-traffic areas like foyers and hallways. The more feet that hit your carpet, the more likely something unsavory—and capable of leaving stains—will be left behind. In addition, carpet can fray or get matted in areas that see a lot of foot traffic. A thoughtfully placed area rug or throw rug can help save your carpet from advanced aging.


All carpet-cleaning machines are not created equally, so make certain you do your homework before buying or renting one. Look at reviews from fellow homeowners and take note of any issues they had. Check out machines in person to be sure they aren’t too heavy for you or too large to fit through your doorways. You’ll also want to keep a running list of prices, so you can complete your deep clean without breaking the household budget.


If you’re investing the time, energy and money into a deep clean, you want to make sure you do it right. Move furniture into a non-carpeted room so you can take advantage of rented carpet-cleaning machines by getting every nook and cranny. You should also vacuum the area you’re going to deep clean before breaking out the carpet cleaner.


You can never be certain how the chemicals in deep cleaning carpet shampoo will react to the materials your carpet is made from, or the chemicals it was treated with before leaving the factory. And the last thing you want to do is ruin your carpet during a deep clean. To avoid this very costly mistake, do a spot test on any surfaces you plan to shampoo. And if you’re going to tackle any upholstered furniture with your rental machine, you’ll want to spot test it, too.


You’ll get the best results from carpet cleaning if you pre-treat spots that have been stained, or areas that emit a bad odor. Your carpet-cleaning machine should come with information on how and when to pre-treat stains. Pre-treatment solutions can be different from deep cleaning carpet shampoos, so you’ll also want to do a spot test with those. Read the instructions on pre-treatment cleaners carefully so you don’t end up damaging your carpet.


Since you’ll only be cleaning your carpet once or twice a year, you want to be as thorough as possible. Doing so can extend the life of your carpeting. However, if you find that pricing carpet-cleaning machines and moving furniture takes up too much time, or if you’re worried about choosing the proper deep-cleaning carpet shampoo, consider reaching out to professional carpet cleaning services.

Whether you’re doing your own deep clean or hiring a service, you’ll need to do some measuring. To figure out how much carpet cleaning solution you need, you’ll need to measure the area of your carpeting. And commercial carpet cleaners will need to know your square footage so they can give you a quote.

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