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5 Great Ideas for Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

There’s nothing quite like the joy you get from your child’s first drawing, or an original masterpiece created with love for your birthday. But while children’s artwork can be an inspiring and heart-warming reminder of what matters in life, you may not want to place every single drawing on the fridge door. More often than not, these pieces tend to pile up on your kitchen countertops, preventing you from enjoying the thought behind them.

Thankfully, there are lots of great art display ideas out there that can keep clutter at bay while still showcasing your child’s creativity. From homemade art boards to gallery-style frames, you can use your own décor and stylistic preferences to inform how you display children’s art!

We really love these 5 nifty artwork display ideas:

  1. Use decals to create a low-key gallery. Craft stores often sell affordable wall decals that can be easily removed, without peeling your paint. Find a set of square decals to use as “frames” on a blank wall. You can also use decorative washi tape to customize your own frames, or add creative details around the artwork.
  2. Create a “collage wall.” If there’s a spot in your home that looks particularly empty – and if your kids are prolific artists – you can kill two birds with one stone by creating a “collage wall.” Using wall-safe tape or Command strips, arrange your child’s art in a cluster at the center, and just watch as the collage grows over time!
  3. Make a “look what I made” sign. Pinterest is full of ideas for displaying children’s artwork, and one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways is to build a “look what I made sign.” This is usually made by decorating a large piece of corkboard, canvas, or wood, and then using rows of twine to create a clothespin line for new art pieces.
  4. Paint a mural with your kids. Bitten by the art bug yourself? Go an extra step beyond hanging up drawings and paint a mural wall with your kids. Take the time to ask them what kind of scenes they’d like best, and be sure to sketch an outline in pencil before you get started.
  5. Show off sculptures with great shelving. For three-dimensional sculptures and fantastical pipe-cleaner creations, consider installing singular wooden shelves throughout the house, to create a minimalist effect. There are also a wide range of metal wall art units and hanging frames available on places like Etsy if you prefer a modern and trendy look.

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