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Home Storage Blunders: Are You Making These Mistakes?

As a homeowner, you understand how important effective storage can be. You want to store the items you need in a safe and secure place. But it’s not always easy to do this efficiently; in fact, most of us make common storage mistakes without even realizing it.

Merry Maids® want to offer practical advice and help you identify some common organizational mistakes you might be making and explore alternative places to store your belongings, so they remain undamaged and secure.

Identifying 4 Common Mistakes That Could Hinder Home Organization

We all need home storage, but common mistakes can lead to damaged or destroyed items. Before you start organizing, it's important to identify these home storage blunders. Some of the most common home storage mistakes include overlooking moisture in your home and not properly protecting possessions from humidity, neglecting to use safety precautions like child locks, and failing to organize categories of items efficiently.

1. Not Cleaning Out Drawers and Cabinets Thoroughly

If “out of sight, out of mind” is a familiar mantra for storage in your home, you may be making a common mistake. Over time drawers and cabinets can become increasingly cluttered, filled with items you haven't looked at in who knows how long. Not only does this prevent access to the things that you really need, but it can also leave them vulnerable to dust and heat damage.

Failing to regularly clean out these areas (and instead shoving things in any empty space available) could lead to bigger problems. It's worth investing some time in organizing drawers and cabinets thoroughly so that all your possessions are safe and can be found when needed.

2. Overstuffing Closets

One of the most common storage mistakes is overstuffing closets with items you aren’t using for months or at all. It may seem easy enough to stuff clothes into a closet without a lot of thought, but if it's to the point where you can't close the door, no one will be able to access those items when they need them. Not only does this mean that valuable belongings could be lost in an avalanche of other belongings, but it also creates an unpleasant organizational disaster. To keep things tidy and minimize damage, take the time to periodically go through your closets and sort out what you want to keep and how to best store it for continued use.

3. Neglecting to Use Safety Precautions

Neglecting safety precautions like child locks on cabinets or spaces where hazardous material is stored can jeopardize your home and your loved ones. Safety should always come first – especially when it comes to home storage. Take the necessary steps to ensure children cannot access cabinets, drawers, or containers that may contain harmful materials or choking hazards. Invest in child locks where appropriate to ensure everything is securely tucked away. You certainly don’t want your kids accidentally ingesting unsafe solutions or breaking a valuable item. Stay mindful and take the few extra steps required for maximum storage safety.

4. Storing in Areas that Aren't Temperature Controlled

Failing to store items in a non-temperature-controlled area can have disastrous consequences. For example, wood pieces like furniture and decorations or vinyl records and collectible books may warp or split if left out in extreme cold or heat for too long. Electronics and machinery are especially susceptible to damage from temperatures that are not within their ideal operating range. When storing any items with temperature sensitivity, plan on finding the conditions and environment that best meet the item's needs. Otherwise, it could cost you more money in repair or replacement fees.

Tips for Organizing Items – Practical Advice on How to Store More Effectively

From clothing to electronics, storage is critical to organizing your home. To ensure your items are kept safe and preserved, learning storage organization tips and developing effective habits is important.

Some organizing tips include:

  • Sort items by type and label each container – Doing this can help you easily identify what is stored in particular bins or boxes to access what you need.
  • Remove items you're no longer using – When the storage gets too full, remove those items you no longer need, donate clothes or other items if they are in good condition, or throw them away if not.
  • Keep floors clutter-free with an organizational system – Not only can you keep clutter at bay, but you can also avoid accidents with a tried-and-true organizational system that keeps items off the floor and in the appropriate space.
  • Utilize vertical space for storing – Many homes have a lot of unused space on walls, under cabinets, or closets. One important thing you can do to improve organization at your home is to keep vertical space in mind and use hooks, hangers, and shelves for practical storage.

Keeping everything organized will ensure that storage spaces are functional and easier to use while also helping your personal possessions last longer.

Merry Maids® Can Help You With Home Organization Today!

Home storage mistakes aren’t the end of the world, but they may keep you from having a consistently organized home. From overstuffing closets to storing hazardous material in inappropriate places, items need a safe and organized space if they’re to remain undamaged. Fortunately, our storage tips can help you reduce clutter, make it easier to find what you need and benefit from not wasting time searching for misplaced items.

If you don’t have the time to sort through items at home, Merry Maids® offers organizational services to help create a more organized space.

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