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How to Pare Down & Get Organized Before Kids Go Back to School

As summer wanes and a new school year draws near, it's the perfect time to declutter and organize your children's rooms. This process is not just about tidying up; it's about creating a supportive environment for your kids. A well-organized and clutter-free space can reduce stress and improve focus, helping your children excel in the upcoming school year.

A clean, organized space can also promote productivity and enhance your child's ability to study effectively. Plus, decluttering before the school year begins means one less thing to worry about once homework and extracurricular activities ramp up.

Tackle Decluttering in the Closet

Start by tackling the closet. It's likely filled with clothes that no longer fit or are worn out. Begin by sorting clothes into three piles: keep, donate, and throw away. Clothes in good condition but no longer fit can be donated to local charities or passed to younger relatives. Items that are worn out or damaged beyond repair should be thrown away.

Once you've sorted through the clothes, start organizing what's left. There are many ways to do this, but some parents find it helpful to organize clothes by category (e.g., shirts, pants, dresses) or even by color. This can make it easier for your child to find what they need, especially on busy school mornings.

Focus on Creating Space for Schoolwork

Once the closet is decluttered and ready to house those new back-to-school digs, turn your attention to old schoolwork. While it can be tempting to keep every piece of artwork or test your child brings home, these items can quickly accumulate and create clutter. Instead, consider keeping only a select few items that hold special meaning or showcase your child's progress. You could also digitize artwork and papers by taking photos or scanning them, allowing you to preserve the memories without the physical clutter.

Prepare a Study Space

Another critical area to focus on before your kids return to school is the desk or study area. A clean and organized study area can enhance concentration and make studying more efficient. Invest in storage solutions like pencil holders, paper organizers, and bookshelves to keep everything in its place. You may also consider using vertical space to keep items off the floor and utilize blank walls.

Create a Place for School-Related Items

Prepare for the upcoming school year by creating a designated spot for school-related items like backpacks, lunch boxes, and shoes. Having a specific place for these items can save time and eliminate stress during those hectic school mornings.

The best location for this storage area is usually near the main entrance of your home. It's easily accessible and makes it convenient for the kids to grab their things on the way out. This area should be functional and aesthetically pleasing as it's one of the first things people see.

Consider the following organizational products to store school-related items:

  • Install Hooks: Start with installing a set of sturdy hooks at a reachable height for the kids. These hooks can be used for hanging backpacks and jackets. Choose hooks that are strong enough to hold the weight of a full backpack but also have a smooth finish to prevent damage to the items.
  • Purchase a Shoe Rack: Consider a shoe rack or cubbies placed directly below the hooks for shoe storage. A two-tiered shoe rack can provide ample space for shoes and keep the area neat and organized. If additional storage is needed, consider a bench with built-in storage.
  • Use Bins and Shelving: Small baskets or bins can be placed on a shelf above the hooks for smaller items like hats, gloves, or scarves. Label each bin for easy identification and to encourage the kids to keep things organized.

Decluttering your child's room and creating a functional space before the start of the school year can have numerous benefits, from reducing stress to promoting productivity. It might seem challenging at first, but with a plan in place and a bit of effort, you'll create a supportive and organized environment for your child to thrive in the upcoming school year.

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