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5 Ways to Organize the Space Under Your Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks | Merry Maids®

When’s the last time you took a look at the spaces under your kitchen and bathroom sinks? They may be small areas, but they serve significant functions in holding potentially hazardous cleaning supplies and tools that you use to protect your home from germs and bacteria. There’s a good chance your under-the-sink spaces are being underutilized for their storage opportunities. Fortunately, the cleaning team at Merry Maids has some unconventional and traditional ideas to help you quickly and easily get these spaces back in working order.

Ideas for Organizing Under Your Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

Just because there’s complex (and not very attractive) plumbing utilizing your under-the-sink areas doesn’t mean they should be default junk storage spaces. We believe there’s almost nothing better than a high-quality organizing system that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Before you start buying items to get organized, follow these steps:

  1. Take out all of your cleaning supplies and categorize them to determine if they even belong in that area or need to be discarded.

  2. Lay down a wipeable/cleanable liner to anticipate potential spills.

  3. Install a light to brighten up the space and avoid fumbling around in the dark.

  4. Take measurements to avoid purchasing organizational elements that are too large or small and don’t fit seamlessly under or around the pipes.

Now that you’ve taken the necessary steps to prep the space, let’s check out some of the ways you can refresh your kitchen or bathroom sink space with very little fuss.

  1. Use a Spice Rack

Did you think space racks were just for holding your favorite culinary flavors? While a spice rack is a great way to stay organized in your kitchen, it can also double as extra storage under the sink! Whether you’re thinking about clear acrylic for a sleeker, modern look or faux wood for a more traditional feel, spice racks can keep sponges, brushes, and rags from touching contaminated surfaces under the kitchen sink.

  1. Grab a Tension Rod

If you’re looking for an organizational option that doesn’t usually require nails, screws, or unsightly holes, a tension rod is going to be your best friend! To get spray bottles out of the way, grab a tension rod and hang it across your cabinet. What makes this idea so great is that once the rod is hung, that’s it! You don’t need hangers or hooks; simply suspend the spray bottles by their spray triggers, and voila! Space is freed up for supply bins, baskets, or drawers below.

Keep in mind, if you have an assortment of heavy bottles, you may want to opt for a screw-mounted or heavy-duty tension rod to ensure it won’t fall.

  1. Store Against the Door

Small cabinet door hangers can significantly impact your under-the-sink organization by giving you more space for surface storage. To help preserve your sponges, brushes, and gloves, hang small baskets on the inside of the door or use hooks. A door-hanging storage basket offers a great place to keep the cleaning items you use most often, so they’re easily reachable. Additionally, and especially under your bathroom sink, over-the-door hangers can work well for storing hair care supplies, skin care products, and more.

  1. Hang Under-Shelf Baskets

With your under-the-sink space finally free of spray bottles, sponges, and other cleaning tools, you might think it’s time to start incorporating bins and baskets to hold frequently used supplies. Wait just a second! Before you head to your favorite retailer to buy up all of their organizational products, consider under-shelf baskets to maintain your extra space.

Follow these three steps to install your under-shelf basket:

  • Step 1: If you haven’t already, measure the cabinet space and use the dimensions to select your ideal hanging basket style (i.e., a hanging pull-out basket, a classic hanging basket, a plastic hanging basket, a wire hanging basket, etc.).

  • Step 2: Purchase a small shelf along with your under-shelf hanging basket.

  • Step 3: Mount the shelf as close to the top of the cabinet as possible so you have enough clearance space for your basket to hang and to store more items underneath, if desired.

  1. Convert a Shoe Organizer

Is your closet overrun with designer shoes that haven’t found their way into that shoe organizer hanging on the back of your door? Please don’t throw it away! Use it to declutter the space under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Simply measure the length of the bathroom or kitchen cabinet door and then cut off the appropriate number of pockets to fit the door accordingly. This storage idea is an excellent alternative to hanging-door organizers for holding cleaning tools that you use frequently.

Are you ready to get organized but don’t have the time to devote to such an endeavor? Our Merry Maids cleaning specialists are here to help you get your underutilized spaces in order with organizational tools that will make your life easier. Call us at (888) 490-4227 or request a free cleaning estimate online today.