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8 Smart Home Products for a Tech-Friendly Home

One of the great things about the modern age is that there are (what feel like) miraculous devices to make life more convenient overall. Technology continues to evolve, and homes are getting smarter, only requiring you to use your voice for specific commands instead of getting up to dim the lights, turn off the TV, or even start the oven. By incorporating smart home products to make your abode more secure and eco-friendly, you can improve efficiency and function and keep from throwing your money away on extra energy costs.  

We generally spoke about some smart home products in a previous blog but didn’t go into great detail. This time around, we’re giving you some of our favorite smart home picks to make running a household so much easier for the entire family. 

1. Serena by Lutron Roller Shades 

  • Price: Varies depending on customizations 

  • Compatibility: Lutron App and Smart Bridge  

  • Pros: Choose automated or manual shades 

  • Cons: Battery-powered and potentially low battery life 

If Serena by Lutron Roller Shades taught us anything, it’s that automated window treatments don’t have to be plain and uninspiring. You can get contemporary and luxurious-looking shades that match your décor perfectly with the technology that adds modern flavor to your space. Because these shades are battery-operated, you will have to change the batteries periodically to ensure continued function.  

2. Ecobee3 Lite 

  • Price: $149.99  

  • Compatibility: Alexa, AppleHome Kit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and If This Than That 

  • Pros: ENERGY STAR® approved and up to 23% of annual energy savings 

  • Cons: New features and upgrades can hinder the operation 

Ecobee has made a name for itself over the past few years with intuitive temperature control for your entire home. The Ecobee3 Lite is a smart home product that’s easy to install, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. One of the only downsides customers have mentioned is that incorporating new features can cause the system to stall or stop working. Another issue some users have experienced is thermostat temperature inaccuracies when installed in rooms with a fan.  

3. Sonos One Gen 2 

  • Price: $199.99 

  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay2 

  • Pros: Longevity and rich sound 

  • Cons: Updates may hinder the operation 

Sonos One Gen 2 is a powerful smart speaker with a compact design and voice control compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The sleek appearance, full sound, and intuitive operation make it a preferred smart household electronic in the Sonos brand family.  

4. Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker 

  • Price: $329 

  • Compatibility: Alexa and Google Home 

  • Pros: Voice-activated and manual programming 

  • Cons: Non-removable water receptacle 

Let’s be honest. How much time do you have to account for in your schedule to make room for that daily pilgrimage to your fave coffee place? Probably too much time. Forget leaving the house for a professional cup of coffee with Café’s Specialty Drip Coffee Maker. Not only do you have access to a barista-quality coffee but also voice-to-brew capabilities. You can literally bring the corner café experience to your kitchen!  

A problematic aspect of this specialty drip coffee maker is that the water receptacle isn’t removable, which makes filling it a hassle and a bit messy.   

5. Samsung Family Hub 26.5-cu ft French Door Refrigerator 

  • Price: $2,799 

  • Compatibility: Bixby and Samsung SmartThings  

  • Pros: Sleek design, connect phone calls, and stream videos 

  • Cons: Icemaker issues 

Did you ever think you’d need a smart refrigerator that allowed you to see inside it without opening it, set reminders, and basically treat your kitchen appliance like an iPad? Neither did we until we found Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator. With a modern and streamlined look, you get 10% larger capacity than standard refrigerators of the same size. You’ll be able to write your family notes, watch streaming apps, connect your smartphone, or create cleaning to-dos to keep everything in order.   

The only con about this smart product is that customers have had issues with the icemaker, alleging that you must self-regulate it to ensure it continues working.   

6. iRobot Roomba j7+ 

  • Price: $799.99 

  • Compatibility: Alexa and Google Assistant 

  • Pros: Auto empty base and scheduled cleanings 

  • Cons: A bit pricey and short battery life 

Remember when Electrolux debuted the first autonomous vacuum in 1996? Since then, various companies have developed robotic vacuums, including iRobot. The brand has become a household name giving us smart household electronics like the iRobot’s Roomba j7+. While a bit on the pricier side, this vacuum is a must for pet parents. It keeps your home disinfected without you having to lift a finger.  

7. Geeni High-Speed USB Charger Smart Outlet 

  • Price: $22.99 

  • Compatibility: Alexa and Google Assistant 

  • Pros: Annual electricity savings and quick and easy installation 

  • Cons: Reconnection issues 

We love a good smart outlet with USB chargers to boot, so Geeni’s Smart Outlet + USB Charger is right up our alley! A smart home is nothing if it isn’t energy efficient, and this smart home product gives you full control, allowing you to turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t. If you want to save on your electric bill, here’s the solution. One recurring negative about this smart product is that the device has problems reconnecting to Wi-Fi once unplugged or after a power outage.   

8. myQ Smart Garage Hub  

  • Price: $29.99 

  • Compatibility: myQ App 

  • Pros: All-wireless, easy installation  

  • Cons: Limited compatibility with garage openers 

You might already have a garage door opener installed to make accessing your garage easier. Still, what happens if you lose the controller? Investing in a Smart Garage Hub from myQ will save you the stress of not being able to open and close your garage doors to protect your vehicle. You can control your garage from anywhere, check to make sure you’ve closed it, and see how long it’s been closed (or opened) for complete peace of mind. Ensure that you have a compatible garage door opener. It doesn’t work with all LiftMaster, Chamberlain, or Craftsman products, so check the myQ website first. 

Make Your Home Smart While We Make it Clean 

Now that you have an arsenal of smart household electronics and products, you can make your home more practical for your needs while we take care of the cleaning. Merry Maids® offers various cleaning programs, including holiday cleaning for Thanksgiving and Christmas, move-in/move-out cleaning, specialty cleaning, and more.  

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