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Habits Of Organized Mom Dad

Being a parent is a full-time job. Running a household and keeping a family on track can be incredibly time consuming, and many parents have jobs outside the home, too. Sometimes, you may feel as if you’re too busy to enjoy your family because you’re always dashing to after-school events, making lunches and swinging by the store to pick up groceries.

While these things have to be done, learning how to be more organized at home can help you recoup some of that precious time. Here are seven habits to adopt to keep a home tidy and to help ensure everyone in the family stays on schedule.

1. Make a To-Do List and a Meal Plan

Knowing what you’re up against in the coming week can help you mentally prepare, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or like you’re scrambling around. Each Sunday, make it a point to map out the family’s meetings, errands and chores for the next seven days. Then plan the week’s meals and pick up everything you’ll need from the store so that you’re ready to go come Monday.

2. Create a Chore Wheel

Having the kids help out with chores, such as washing the dishes, walking the dog and vacuuming the hall, can be a huge time-saver. Make a chore wheel or chore chart so that everyone in the family knows who is responsible for which task each day of the week. You can find plenty of great ideas for chore wheels and charts on Pinterest.

3. Establish a Family Command Center

If you want to follow the lead of some of the most organized moms and dads, set up a family command center, so that you have a central location for to-do lists, the week’s dinner menu, chore wheels and family schedules. In addition to these items, you can use your command center to house car keys, backpacks, field trip permission slips and more. The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor your command center to your family’s lifestyle and activities.

4. Wash A Load of Laundry Every Day

It’s tempting to put laundry off until the end of the week. However, doing so leaves you with a lot of clothes to wash on the weekend. Free up some time by putting a load of laundry in as soon as you get home or start dinner each day. You can have the kids fold and stow their clothes before bed, or you can even fold clothes as you’re watching TV or helping with homework.

5. Prepare for School and Work the Night Before

Highly organized people know that taking a little time to prepare the night before can make weekday mornings a little less chaotic. Have the kids pack their bags and set them by the front door before they go to bed each night. Once they’re tucked in, take the time to make school lunches and prepare your own belongings for the next day.

6. Purge Regularly

Any organized person will tell you that the more clutter you have, the more chaotic your home will be. That’s why it’s important to toss out or donate items you just don’t need, including clothes, old sports equipment or books that you swear you’ll read again. Daily clutter, such as junk mail, receipts and expired coupons, should be chucked immediately.

7. Take Some Time Off

A highly organized mom or dad knows the importance of saying “no.” Why? Well, if you overbook yourself, you’ll never get around to everything on your to-do list. But most importantly, you deserve to have a few hours with absolutely nothing planned.

Interested in other organization tips that can save you time? Learn how to streamline your pantry and whip your laundry room into shape. And if your family’s schedule is making it hard to keep up with your routine housekeeping, let your local Merry Maids lend a hand.